Kmart Stores / texas steer work boots.

Back in December of 2016, I was in desperate need of new boots for work. Being that I work in the security industry, I'm on my feet quite a bit, so comfort is the main thing I look for when I get a pair of boots.

Since I was in a time crunch to buy boots, I went to Kmart and purchased a pair of Texas Steer work boots for around $40. I already knew at such a cheap price, the quality was going to be horrible. The employee that helped me was about as knowledgeable as a 3 year old child, and had no idea how to properly fit a pair of shoes let alone tell me anything about what I was buying. She assured me that they were solid leather, as the box indicated. I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. After about a week, everything went south. Turns out they aren't real leather which I pretty much expected for that price, and they have absolutely no support whatsoever. My feet constantly sweat and itch, and both of my heels are rubbed almost raw. I bought insoles, and heel support pads which didn't help at all. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with these until I can afford to buy a quality pair somewhere else. Never again from Kmart!!

Big 5 Sporting Goods actually sells law enforcement type boots for about $35, and even though they may not breathe very well, they at least support your feet and don't leave you in pain all day. Texas Steer boots are the worst boots I've ever owned, bar none!!!

Mar 19, 2017

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