Kmart Stores / home department/ store manager

I was in the Peachtree City, GA location on May 31, 2018, and received the worst service EVER . I myself being the manager of a store, was highly applauded at even the Managers attitude towards providing customer service and a solution. I wanted to purchase a 3 tier shelf from the homes department, and discovered a stack listed as a price drop to $20. Upon check out the cashier proceeds to inform me that it is actually $49. I tell her where I got the item from and that there are several with a HUGE sign over the shelf . I noticed it took her a while to check, and was told by very ride employee in that department that the sticker is wrong. It's not that stack of items. Now as a customer shopping, and seeing an entire stash labeled with this price covering even the shelf price below. I would think it was indeed $20. But what shocked me most was the males manager attitude and demeanor saying simply the sticker is wrong and he will not be accomdating me in any way. So the customer is wrong? On account of the store lack of ability to make sure they are correctly labeling items on sale. He was beyond ride. Cooperate definitely needs to hold him accountable for how he chooses to run that location. On top of my cashier double ringing items, it just was an very unpleasant shopping experience.

Jun 01, 2018

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