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I ordered 2 cell phones online. One was a simple mobile Samsung Galaxy J3 Una Pro the other was Tracfone LG Rebel 3 LTE. I received the Tracfone on 12/10/2018. When I opened the mailer, the phone packaging was ripped, the battery installed and after further investigation, when I turned it on, it had a phone book full of a congregation of a Church in an unknown state. The item obviously is not NEW. It appears that an employee may have switched phones and sent me a used one.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Eden, NY After countless hours on the phone with customer service, I was emailed a mailing return label and a credit for 7.00 for ShopMyway rewards!!! Bottom line, I have to send the phone back, repurchase it(with my own funds)and then get an eventual refund from Kmart/sears! What????
So, today the "Samsung" phone arrives. I opened the mailer and low and behold, it is a Tracfrone ZTE Z5!!!what ???? So, now I have two items, still on the phone with "customer service"and they say the same thing..send it back, we will refund you. So, it is 12/11/2018..Christmas gifts for my two children and no resolution and two crap ass phones! I am super, super pissed and out 170.00 !!! help!!!

Dec 11, 2018

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