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Kmart / horrible costumer service

1 North Hollywood, CA, United States

To whom reads this:
Its so upsetting to know how Kmart has poor costumer service. I Don't care where the store is located. Costumer service anywhere should be all that matters to any costumer. Tonight I went into Kmart at the North Hollywood location. I went to ask for someones help at the baby's department and all I get was "oh, no one is in that department yet. I think their out on their break" Ok well i didnt ask that- I want to know if someone could help me find something is what i replied back. The guy goes "i'm sorry I dont know that department" OH great. You dont understand that its so ###ed to have someone tell me that "it's not their department, sorry" Seriously? I wasnt born yesterday. Places like Kmart rotates their employee's maybe every shift or how ever they work it out but don't sit there and tell me that because its not your department you dont know how to assist me. When you get hired at Kmart or any place like it you are trained to know who Kmart is and what they sell and teach you CS. I understand that some employees are not always doing their jobs to companies standards but Kmart needs to evaluate that so they dont go under and have to be forced to close down beacuse their employee's are dragging clients away. But since no one really could help me out it pissed me off even more so I asked to speak to a manager. The person calls the manager and the manager didnt want to come and speak to me. Manager Linda as known as "coach Linda" She is so un-professional that its discussing to know she works at a store as a manager I think she needs to be re evaluated as a manager.So no wonder That location is so disorganized. Not only the floor staff looks like a "lost puppy" but their manager is no help no guidance what so ever. The last time ive been to Kmart was year's ago, But i had to go there since they had a produce that i needed no other store carried. But I do ask that someone that is high rank and wants to help Kmart stay in business re train the employees. If they dont like their job then they should leave, if they dont like it but has to stay for whatever reason then I think they need to change their attitudes suck it up and treat a consumer as if how they want to be treated.

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