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Kmart / unfair treatment of a disabled person

1 Greenville, MI, United States

My daughter who is Mentally Impaired shopped at KMart in Greenville, MI. several times. When she would ask for help with an item's price and ask does she have enough to get it, the employee would be very rude to her. My daughter had come home on several occasions complaining about the treatment she received from the employees there. On May 2, 2009 my daughter went to Greenville KMart to shop for Hanna Montana stuff. She had money on her when she left home. She also had her back pack which has her school supplies in it along with water and snacks for her while in Greenville. She went into the store and started shopping, she had found some lotion and some other stuff she liked. She asked one of the employees if she had enough to get the item/items. Again the employee was very rude to her and said thats for kids, adults cannot buy it. Then my daughter was looking around the store. And she looked at some cds/dvds/etc. And there was others in the area she did not know. The others ran out of the store. She continued shopping when all of a sudden an employee approched her and grabbed her arm [causing bruises], took her to the back room accusing her of stealing items. The police was called in. My daughter told them several times "she is handicapped and she wanted me [her mother], step dad, sister, or brother in law present during questioning. Cause she does not understand what they are asking her. She said this several times and each time she was refused that right, they also refused her the right to make a phone call. Her memorandium rights were not read to her before questioning. She was forced into signing papers that she did not understand or could read. [She can not read]. She was arrested and taken to jail. After this we got a lawyer and I requested some kind of video/audio tapes to prove what had happened on that date. I was told they do not have a working camera in the whole store so they do not have any type of tapes that they can provide. So this is a case of the employees word against a handicapped persons word. I believe my daughter is innocent, cause it has been months now and she tells everyone at different times the same thing she said in the beginning. The story has not changed. I feel that KMart violated my daughter's legal rights along with her civil rights. I feel that the Greenville Police Department also violated these rights. This is my complaint and we are fighting these charges as of right now. I will take it to the highest court if need be. My daughter is innocent and this was very unfair justice with a handicapped person.

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