Kmart / working conditions

The store is so HOT that I am totally soaking wet within 20 minutes of standing at the registers. Yet, no water is allowed to staff off heat stroke. Eventhough I drink two 12 ounce glasses of water before arriving on the job, I sweat so much I can't even urinate on my break. The management is graceous enough to allow small fans - of which I can barely even feel a breeze. It would appear that K-Mart is reviving the old fashioned sweat shop atmosphere. One day when I was about to pass out from the heat I removed my shoes for about 30 seconds while I wasn't waiting on customers and no one was around - in an attempt to cool down. I was noticed by the customer service manager and reprimanded. I think it is time for K-Mart to start using some common sense instead of political correctness. If you want to make a profit, you should not be doing it on the backs of your sweat ladden employees who are actually trying to do a good job for you. Even most of the customers complain that the store is too HOT!!! And the rest are just sick and tired of getting all the extra paper at check out when you print out coupons and other unnecessary notices. Take my advise - save a buck (and some trees) by NOT PRINTING these extra things at check out and turn up the air conditioning. Golly - 20 hour jobs are not worth suffering through these kind of conditions.
I have been around professional people all my life and I have NEVER SEEN so many people trying to act professional and failing so miserably.


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