King Soopersstore manager is incompetent

K Aug 24, 2014

I am employed as a courtesy clerk at the King Soopers on Florida (Store 411). I have watched the manager belittle people and recently one of my favorite Head Clerks was DEMOTED and moved to a different store for an issue that has been seen MANY times. She was closing and, prior to going on her break, set down the remote for the U-Scan station that was to be picked up by the other acting Head Clerk coming off of break. I have seen this device set down MANY times during my work here. This head clerk has NO history of being written up, no formal counseling done, and was the most positive. When I found out she was demoted for ONE incident, I was aghast. Apparently leaving the remote for even a few minutes is a fireable offense, but I have NEVER seen anyone else punished for doing the same thing. The BIG thing, though, is that the manager DID NOT EVEN ensure that this head clerk TURNED in her store keys when he demoted her and sent her off. NOW ISNT LEAVING KEYS with an unauthorized employee a HUGE security violation. TO my knowledge, the keys have still not be turned in. The manager is incompetent. THis head clerk in NO way deserved to be demoted with ONE incident, and a much BIGGER security violation was committed by the manager for NOT gettting the keys to the store, front office, etc, before she moved to the new store. A complete joke! If he is not fired and this head clerk not reinstated, then the system is completely broken.

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