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Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to you to complain about a serious problem in Atlaskhodro Tehran, (disorder and inattention to customer).I have purchased a sorento EX3300 cc, model 2008, vin no: KNEJC525885822935 for my wife about 50 days ago.I changed Oxygen sensors (they completely stopped working) in agency no.642 Shiraz on 29 may 2011 but Atlas khodro did not accept guaranty and charged me money because having problem with that agency.The agency manager payed half of the money to respecting me and I payed the rest. I made a call to Atlas khodro On 25 June 2011 and explained that to one of their staff in C.R.M ward (Mrs, Saboohi) and in addition requested her the car's gauranty card and guide book and wanted her to solve lake of new engine number with car's sale-deed.She told me that the problems would be fixed but in fact nothing has happened.I telepaoned many times but she was not at her office, I left her massages but she did not reply.I telephoned there and spoke with Mr, Modarresi the manager of Atlaskhodro on 6 July 2011 and explained the situation to him but he did not pay any attention to my matter and refer me to Mrs, Saboohi but she was not at her office again.5 days have now passed and I have not received any communication from your agency in Iran at all.
In addition my car needs to mend and change knock sensor, left and catolisor converter bank 2 that I visited agency no.643 on 29 June to fix that but they have not spare.12 days have passed but the spares have not arrived from Tehran yet.I called this morning to Shiraz agency and they told me that the spares would arrive from Tehran 10 days later.This situation is causing many problems for me during this very hot weather.It is affecting my work and my life.Naturally I am very concerned about this.
I would be very grateful if you would attend to my matters as soon as possible.Thank you for your co-operating in advance.
I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully


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