Kia West Coquitlam / not impressed

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I came into Kia West a couple months ago looking for a used car. I left the dealership 2 months later with no car. Here is my experience:

Gun was my salesman and he was accommodating and friendly throughout the entire experience. Initially wee found a car that suited my needs but there were transmission problems and I had to return the car. Kia West would not give me my money back at this point and claimed that I had to go through with a car exchange. Fair enough. They did provide me with a rental car for about a month and a half but the experience during this time can be described as anything but pleasant. I was called into see the sales department about twice a week to solve the problem and was left to wait for 2-3 hours at a time while they were doing business with other customers (mind you, after an appointment had been made in advance) and shown cars which were not anywhere near close to meeting my needs.

The main problem I had with Kia West was trust. I was shown a car by the salesman that apparently had no previous damages, but the finance manager told me that there were $9000 in damages. This is when I knew doing business with this company was not going to work.
After much wasted time, energy and inappropriate altercations on my part, I finally got my money back. However, they are still holding a $100 deposit which they took from me and are ignoring my emails which I have written to the company. I went to Pacific Honda on the North Shore and got a car, hassle free, in 1 day a week after my experience with Kia West.

I rarely write reviews but I feel as though every potential customer deserves to know the unprofessional and dishonest manner which I was subject to here at Kia West. Their code of conduct is extremely unsatisfactory and I personally do not recommend coming here at all.

Apr 26, 2014

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