KIA Motors Corporation / 2013 kia forte sx 5 door

Ocala, FL, United States

On 10-11-18. While driving north on interstate 75 in Ocala Florida my 2013 Kia Forte hatchback began losing power. I was lucky enough to make it to the right shoulder and exit the vehicle safely. After being towed to the nearest Kia dealership in Ocala, it was brought to May attention after inspecting the vehicle that the engine had seized up! Never neglected maintenance all records on hand to prove it and now I'm getting quotes for a new engine for over 6k. My very first vehicle all payments on time and I still owe 9k. I am requesting that the Kia Corp pay for my new engine due to no fault of my own. This was a faulty engine that could have costed me my life. I know that the only engines that were addressed due to this same type of issue were replaced were the optimal and sorrentos, but clearly this Forte engine should have been included. The issue at hand my not exist in the same numbers as with the other vehicles but it exists. Will young adults as myself have to lose limbs or life to have this issue addressed with ALL vehicles! There is a morale obligation to do right by consumers who my or may not be aware of this issue. I've done right by holding to my obligation now KIA please help me.

Oct 16, 2018

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