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KIA Motors America / extremely dissatisfied with kia motors america

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We have a 2005 Sorento that since almost new has had a highly intermittent shifting problem in the defective manual transmission.

We have documented several times via telephone and by certified letters to Kia Motors America Inc. When we asked, Kia denied any other documented cases of our problem.

Even though we have confirmed that we are not an isolated case at the dealer and this problem is a serious safety issue Kia Inc. refuses to honor their warranty and will not replace our transmission (or anyone's with this exact problem). For the record, the dealer has been extremely courteous and professional but we understand their hands are tied due to corporates indifference.

We are not surprised that Kia has not duplicated the intermittent shifting problem during test driving but that does not mean it does not exist. Kia will not accept responsibility for their vehicle. Kia Inc. is "dropping the ball" big time.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a defective component that impairs the safety of our vehicle and endangers our lives. (We are not talking about just a luxury item i.e. clock, cd players etc.)

Kia dealers have informed us that very few manual transmission Sorento's are sold in the USA so our problem is appearing in very limited numbers. Perhaps too few for a defect to become apparent. If more consumers were complaining of their unsafe vehicles due to defective transmission then Kia would be forced to give this problem the immediate attention it deserves. A recall begins with just one consumer's complaint.

We are sickened by their non-solution to our problem. We have documented repeatedly with Kia Inc. that our Sorento is an unsafe vehicle and should not be allowed on the road until it's defect has been corrected. As far as Kia is concerned the problem does not exist.

Kia's message to us is that they do not value our safety in a vehicle they manufactured. DISGUSTING!

If the situation were reversed the very same Kia Inc. staff adamantly refusing assistance to us would understand how frightening it is to be driving our unsafe Sorento and would insist that Kia Inc. take full responsibility and immediate action to correct the problem. I seriously doubt they would accept Kia Inc. telling them there is nothing they can do to help them. If those same Kia Inc. employees were behind the wheel of our unsafe Sorento with their families including their young children or young grandchildren maybe they wouldn't be so quick to deny that the problem exists.

Here is what happens when we are driving our Sorento: intermittently, suddenly we can not shift gears at all and of course, the vehicle will not move at all. It has happened upshifting in first pulling away from lights and pulling out into traffic and upshifting and downshifting in higher gears. We have been in the middle of intersections, in city traffic and highway driving. We immediately turn on our emergency flashers and wave other drivers around us while they are honking, yelling, and slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting us. We repeatedly try to shift gears and finally get it to shift again and move to safety. Very unsettling to say the least.

My wife is afraid to drive our vehicle and I fear for her, my children and young grandchildren, as well as my own safety. Every time we make a left turn or pull out into traffic we wonder if this is the time it will happen again. Driving is stressful enough without this added dangerous burden!

We are absolutely shocked and disgusted at Kia Motors Inc.'s unacceptable customer service. We are not being unreasonable by asking for a replacement transmission. At this point we should be asking for a replacement vehicle! We don't even know if a replacement transmission will be defect free or have the same problem but we have only asked for new transmission.

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  • Ri
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    I have a kia sedena 2004 which i had to get my trans replace thank god i was still under . however my time belt had to be replace, my heat and cooling unit and my steeling is now broke I HATE KA

  • Va
      16th of May, 2008
    0 Votes
    Kia Motors America - Sold bad breaks
    Kia Motors America
    United States

    I was sold and installed bad breaks when I attempted to returned the worker stated that the life time parts warranty had expired. I would not accept another KIA or have car services at a KIA dealership if they both were free. The car is good until it have to be services. the car is only 6 years but I have had the brakes services 12 times the car was brought for my mom but I had to take over the high payments (another story) fear of one day mom in a ditch because of the brakes had other service done at the dealership and was not pleased I brought mom a Honda and she has been very pleased.

  • El
      25th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Report all these problem together with documented proof to the national highway safety administration. If they find that this is in fact a safety issue they will order kia motors to issue a recall.

  • Mi
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have a kia sorento 2007, I brought it in for a recall on the brake light switch behind the pedal. They suggested I change the cabin filters as well as the air filter which I did and asked them that they change the oil while they have it. Well, what a mistake, theres a plastic cage that sticks down through the oil filter to keep it in place and wouldnt you know of course it was broken and they say it fell down in to the engine. So $1800.00 later for the repair and $317.00 for a rented car while they had my truck 6 days its fixed. I stopped payment on the check after I drove away thinking that KIA would do something about it because I still have approx 20, 000 miles left on my warranty "NOT" the repair service tech said it was the guy before him that broke it wouldnt you know and of course KIA took that hook line and sinker. I live in Manchester N.H. so if you go to their KIA'S site and find the closest dealer in the 03103 area code you will see which crooked dealership I had to deal with for this. Great job by the government to let cars in this country that promise the world to sell, go ahead try to collect on any warranty issues with this company. There is a loophole for every part on these automobiles. And the government lets it go on and on and on and on without stepping in. Mike H.

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