Kenmore Vacuum Cleanervacuum keep shrading the belt

I purchase a kenmore upright vacuum and the belt keeps shredding and I take it back to Sears and they send it in for repairs and when I get it back and toake it and use it a couple of times the belt shreds again I've taken it in severaly time until me warranty ran out. I was told by a sales person to send in a complaint because they can not replace it because I no longer have an Sears account and it is not coming up in there system. I like my vacuum when it did work.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbus Eastland, OH all I want is a replacement, I don't know why the sale person did not replace this at the time a was having the problem, I ask her all she would say you have a warranty we can send it in to get fix, I told her the last when my warranty was just about to expire to exchange for another vacuum since it is doing the same thing each time I being it into sears. Please look into this matter.
Vacuum Cleaner Aspiradora
Model, 116.34728

purchase 03/08/05 for $67.93
You can contact me at the address or phone number below.

Brenda G. McBeth
6707 Winchester Crossing Blvd
Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110



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