Kenmore 600 Washing Machine / washer

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I purchased a Kenmore 600 washer. Immediately it was making too much noise and shaking too much when spinning. I looked over the instructions and the troubleshooting guide and followed all the directions. (I do know not to overload and to check the balance of the load) I tried to contact customer service by phone and by e-mail about the warranty and how to proceed to get my washer checked out but the only answer I received was to follow the instructions! I couldn't even afford to return it because they'd charge me a 15% restocking fee! That's about $100.00 for the use of their malfunctioning washer for less than a month! I just don't know what to do.

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      Feb 04, 2009

    I had the same issues with this poor quality washer. It has been less than 6 month since I purchased this an am at a point to simply leave it at the front door in front of Sears. Do not buy this washer!!!

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  • Ni
      Nov 17, 2009

    Poor quality washer is the understatement! Traditionally, Sears quality has been good, but the 600 washer is bad design. First, there is no gradient water temperature control. A timer switches from periods of full hot to full cold. Temperature 'control' is attempted by varying the relative time that the hot or cold are on. The result is that you can not tell what the final temp will be, plus, if you have hot temperature sensitive fabric, it will be damaged. The only way to control the temperature of the wash is to load the washer with a bucket from the kitchen sink with the desired temperature water.
    Second, you can not open the lid to observe water level as the load is washing. The machine stops. They may call it 'safety' but there could be a button over-ride.
    Third, The timer has only three fixed positions and does not allow a reasonable range of wash cycle times.
    Fourth, the agitation begins with a harsh agitation for a short period and then a gentle agitation, but this is controlled by the machine's timer, not my judgment.
    On the positive side, the machine uses a shaft drive rather than the traditional old belts.
    The tub is a nice porcelain with a nice agitator.
    I think the design 'engineers' of this machine were computer nerds who have never done a load of laundry. I'm an engineer and the first machine I used was a Sunny Suds in the 1930's! It was better than this one.

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  • Wo
      Nov 30, 2009

    I am also very unhappy with this washer, though usually a loyal Kenmore customer. I had the repairman out aboutthe temp, and he said that's just the way it is on these machine, and they had been forbidden to try changing anything out on them. When I didn't go ballistic, he said I was taking it remarkably well. compared to most customers he sees with this machine.

    So, I'm carrying spaghetti pots of water from the kitchen sink to try to get the temperature right, etc. (I do >10 loads a week.) Also, it gets really dirty! I have to wipe it down and try to "floss" uner the lid every 2 weeks or so. I'm also ready to walk away from what we paid for this (about 4 months ago), and get something else.

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  • Zo
      Sep 18, 2010

    I have also had my Kenmore 600 Washer a short time and smelled oil smells and it was very loud when spinning. I didn't think to much about it as it was level and not overloaded. Dumb customer I was but not anymore. It is almost 3 and now it has a mind of its own and spins only when it wants. If I spin the tub while the clothes are in it and shut the lid fast it will spin out but not like it should. So sorry I ever bought this as I also have the matching dryer and don't know whats gonna be next!

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  • Co
      Feb 21, 2011

    Purchased this washer with other appliances in 2010 and still under warranty. The constant vibrations in the spin cycle are intolerable. Sears policy is if after three visits the problem persists they must replace. I do not want this model and will switch to another because I also believe the machine has inherent design problems! David

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  • Md
      Nov 30, 2014

    We just got this washer along with all new Kenmore appliances in October for new condo. Two days ago we find water under machine, and checked the hoses and drain lines, no problem found. It must be leaking from the bottom of the machine, always clear water, usually after machine is nearing cycle finish or afterwards when not running.

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  • Ge
      Mar 08, 2016

    I have issues with the noise level, shaking, and leaving spots. I keep seeing the same issues on several sites, can there be a class action suit???

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  • El
      Sep 01, 2017

    Agreed with all of you. Horrid washer. It would be faster to take my clothes down to the creek and beat them against rocks. I follow every guideline to use a Energy Efficient washer but the Kenmore 600 series is hopeless. This is how I have to wash clothes. I use 2 tablespoons of detergent. I ALWAYS use DEEP FILL and Bulky Wash Cycle, I ALWAYS use two rinses. I NEVER use fabric soft and I always run a rinse and spin after the first wash. It takes 2 hours to do one load. If I skip any of the above step I will get areas on the clothes that are dry, detergent that is undissolved, and it simple is not clean. Thank goodness my H works in an office. If he worked constructions we would have to burn his work clothes every week "cause washing would be useless. I keep fantasizing that this thing will catch on fire so that I can replace it.

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  • Di
      Oct 15, 2017

    Kenmore 600 washing machines do not serve their purpose as . They do not clean. The largest factor is due it not coming close to providing enough water to wet the materials, thus we must cart gallons of water through the house to try to make this faulty equipment do the job it claims to do - wash. I would guess there are enough dissatisfied customers to warrant a class action lawsuit. I have been a Kenmore fan for decades, but will not shop Sears again after the over zealous salesperson assured us this was their top selling machine.

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  • Cm
      Dec 28, 2017

    I purchased the Kenmore 600 Series a little over a year ago. This is the most expensive and worst machine I have ever owned. For every dark load of clothes that are washed they must be re-washed to get all the grey stains or lint off the clothes. I've used machine cleaners that are at an extra expense that I find useless as well. If there is a class action suit please include me in. I need a new washing machine that cleans.

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  • Wo
      Aug 03, 2018

    Not happy with this machine at all. It is noisier than heck, sounds like it could break apart at any minuet when in use. Cannot open top to view wash, even with glass top cannot see in. Water levels are too low and no way to adjust that. Initially used liquid Tide Free He soap and clothes came out with sand like residue ALL over, it was a mess. I don't like being forced to use those Pods if I don't want to. Soap dispenser pops out sometimes, and then it does not completely drain leaving water in tray for mold to grow and who knows what else, great for my next load! Wanted to trade up because of these problems, and Sears wouldn't let me do it because I was a week past 30 days...I had been in multiple times during that 30 days complaining about the above and they would send me away with fixes or excuses, or that's just the way it's made reasoning and tell me to try again. Not helpful AT ALL. So very disappointed.

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  • Ba
      Oct 10, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    This is the worst washing machine I have ever owned. It is not getting the clothes clean. Always have to rinse clothes twice. Wish I had my 15 year old washer and dryer back. I have owned this pair for less than one month! Very disappointed!!!

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  • Jo
      Oct 27, 2018

    We were one day past are warranty an the gear box want out an they want almost $600.00 to repair it, called customer care they said they where sorry but there is nothing they can do for us. I say this is something I can do for anyone that reads this, do not buy anything from Kenmore bad design and customer service.

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  • Ca
      Aug 08, 2019

    My washer is a Kenmore Series 700, and it is a piece of junk. It sounds like a jet airplane and vibrates when spinning. Last year on 9/18/18, I had to have a technician come out because the washer wouldn't spin. It said unbalanced load. The technician 'fixed' the problem, but now, less than a year later, the problem is back. It says unbalanced load and will not spin the water out of the clothes. Yes, we've checked it with a level, and it IS level. I think the vibrating and shaking during the spin cycle is actually causing problems and/or breaking internal parts. I've made yet another appointment for a Sears tech to come to the house again, and I'm really wondering if I should put more money into this hunk of junk that apparently will need to be repaired every year or so. I would never buy another Kenmore appliance.

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  • Ke
      Sep 11, 2019

    Kenmore 600 washer and dryer - These are the worst appliances ever bought. There should be a remedy when so many people are so dissatisfied with their purchase. Neither the washer nor the dryer has performed well. I contacted the store within a month of purchase and there was no help or suggestion. I contacted Kenmore and there was no help. It's a shame to waste so much money and time and energy getting old w/d out of the house and the new into the house. I will never buy a Kenmore appliance again.

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