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inside light unit got too hot, melted, fire hazard

We purchased a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator from a Sears store in Marion, NC for our house that wa...

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heating element fire

Another Kenmore oven heating element fire. We have the Kenmore 4783 wall oven, installed about a year ago, the oven is close to two years old.

Same story - when heating at 350 degrees, the heater element failed and caught fire. My wife was in the kitchen and turned off the oven right away and the flames went out after a few seconds. Having read all of the complaints on this site, I worry about simply repairing and replacing the heating element as it seems to recur for some people. Not sure if this is related, but the oven has always cooked about 15 degrees low. For something that requires 350, we've had to cook at 365.

could have burned our house down

I was amazed to see how many people have had this problem with their Kenmore oven. This Christmas almost proved to be the last one for me, my husband, and son. I was up late preparing Christmas dinner for our family. I had spent 3 days thawing, brining, and getting a 20 pound turkey ready for baking. I placed the turkey in the oven preheated to 325 degrees at 1:00 am in our downstairs kitchen. We then went to bed for a few hours sleep. At about 4:30 am, I was awakened by the smell of the turkey baking but I went back to sleep for about 20 minutes. The next time I woke up, the smell was much stronger and didn't smell quite right. When I opened the door of our bedroom, I could smell the smoke and hear the smoke alarm coming from downstairs. Our smoke alarm upstairs was not going off yet. I ran downstairs to find the bottom level of the house full of smoke. The black smoke was pouring from the oven and I could see the element on the bottom of the stove glowing red through the glass window in the oven door. The control panel was flashing F1 and the alarm was going off along with the smoke detector. I turned the oven off and then opened the doors and windows to try to clear the smoke. I then returned to the stove and noticed it had turned itself right back on, the element was still glowing red and the F1 alarm was back on. I turned it off again and it again turned itself back on. By this time I was frantic and scared to death and ran upstairs to get my husband out of bed to help me. I showed him again that when I turned the oven off that it just turned itself right back on. He had to turn the breaker off. Thank God that I smelled this because we did not hear the smoke alarm. Our turkey was "cremated", but we are alive. If the house had caught fire with us sleeping in the level above, we wouldn't have had a chance to escape. I know this is long, but I would like to try to warn everybody out there to never, never, never trust this range/oven. I am furious to see that this many complaints have been made and that there has been nothing in the news. I had no idea! I will never use this stove again, it is destined for disposal. We will file formal complaints with both Sears and Consumer Protection. For now, we have made sure to call all our family to tell them how much we love them, because you never know if you will ever be seeing them again. All for a stupid, faulty stove that they don't have the decency to recall. Is there no sense of respect for human life out there anymore. Keep safe out there!

  • Ba
    B Ankrom Jan 09, 2009

    I have also had problems with a Sears range. I researched the product and the 790 is made by Frigedare. I have been working with Sears since November because of a bad circuit control board that controls the burners. The burner would not shut off and got hotter and hotter. I turned off the breaker to shut it off. Tjis happened as I was preparing for Thanksgiving and we had to go out and cancel dinner. No safety shut off in range for these problems. Sears could care less. Very rude service department. Still have open case as I am not satisfied with their answer.
    Next call will be to the Better Business bureau.

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  • Te
    Terry Apr 30, 2009

    We have just experianced the same problem with our "Sears Kenmore" 790.95301. Fortunately I recognized the potential for a major fire problem and got to the circuit breaker and shut off power to the stove. I also called Sears, telling them about the "F1" code and arranged for a service call. While waiting for the serviceman ( a few days ) we needed to cook something on the stovetop burners, so I powered up the stove only to find that even though the oven controls had not been touched, the oven went into the "run-away" mode once more, so off went the circuit breaker again!

    When the serviceman came, his comment was that he thought that this stove was a great model - so much that he had purchased one for his own home! Hope he remembers where his circuit breaker is!! He also advised me that the cause was a shorted oven control relay on the control board and the entire board must be replaced as they do not perform individual component repair/replacement. ( All of this without performing any electrical diagnostics or tests it appears that this is a regular failure with this model ) The cost of the repair - parts, labor & taxes was quoted at $361.41 which exceeds 50% of the value of the stove, and we would wait 2 weeks for the part to arrive so that he could return to do the replacement.

    We intend to pursue this with our local Sears store ( where we purchased the range ) as this is a major design fault that needs to be adressed, and we also feel that the cost of the repair is excessive and we want to see what they will do for us.

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  • Do
    Don'tbuyKenmore May 13, 2009

    I had this exact problem with my own Kenmore Range, it also being manufactured by Frigidaire. It was 6 years old. When I contacted Sears about this, they claimed there is "no known safety issues with their ranges". However, after researching this, I found that there is a huge safety concern with their stoves and they need to address it quickly before someone's house burns down!! I filed an online complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A representative from the CPSC came to my house, took pictures of my stove and is building a case against Sears. I urge everyone to contact or file an online complaint with the CPSC to help their case. I will never buy another Kenmore product.

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  • Ev
    Everett L. Richardson Jul 05, 2009

    I purchased a Model 790 Stove March 2009. The stove is very attractive and appears to be very functional. However, when we use the oven for any length of time (400 degrees F) heat is being transferred to the top surface of the stove. The heat is great enough to actually create blisters from the touch. Again, we found that any one of the top burners, if left on for a few minutes also transfers very high heat to the surface.
    We had a Sears service technician come to check the stove. He did not check anything for a problem. He stated that all of the electric stove have the same problem. I questioned how dangerous this stove could be when we have grandchildren over or how dangeroud this stove would be if attempted to us the self cleaning feature.

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  • Do
    Don't Buy Kenmore 2 Feb 25, 2016

    I have the same problem as "Don'tbuyKenmore". See http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2009/Frigidaire-and-Kenmore-Smoothtop-Electric-Ranges-Recalled-Due-to-Fire-Hazard/
    Be very careful, we experienced all three items: burner turned on spontaneously, wouldn't turn off. We had to shut down with the breaker box.
    Unfortunately, model # 790.96122408 is not on the recall list and they will not fix if it isn't on the list. I also filed a complaint with the CPCS, no response yet.

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broken parts

We purchased a new Kenmore refrigerator at Sears. I was excited to have a new refrigerator as my previou...

sears product and service is bad

We just got this Stove at the end of August and used the self clean for the first time. It went into an error mode, the door will not open, the vent fan won't stop, it won't stop beeping and the cooktop won't work at all. Sears repair service books 3 weeks into the future. I told them that to expect someone to be without a stove for that long was rediculous so they said they would see what they could do.

They moved me up to a week and even though I explained all the problems with this stove and stressed that I didn't want the tech showing up without the proper tools and parts to get it fixed, the guy shows up and trys to open the door with a coat hanger which certainly didn't work and then said he was going to have to go to the shop and get a service manual and come back on another day.

After the miserable time I had getting these delivered - 6 days late and two days lost to waiting around for them, I phoned customer service and they told me I should demand an exchange for a new one so I called the Skyview store where I bought it and talked to the salesperson who sold it to me, who said she would talk to her manager and call me back - she claims she did but their number never even appeared on my call log. After I called back she gave me the "Manager's" name and told me to call her. After telling my story to her secretary she finally let me talk to her manager who I told I wanted a new stove, this lady then said she would phone service first thing Monday morning and try to get me emergancy service, All day Monday, no call back, half way through Tuesday I call the store back and am told she's not in. I again explain my situation to the secretary who says she will have the "Store Manager" call me back, I gave her all my numbers and suggested which one was the best to reach me on and when. Here it is Wednesday evening and I still haven't gotten a call back.

Customer service is now telling me it is more than 90 days past my delivery date and it is now too late for an exchange - even though my initial call for service was within that period.( Ther records still have the original delivery date not the actual one it was delivered on 6 days later- they claimed my stove was delivered even when it wasn't - they send their guys out without cell phones and when they can't find your address they just take it back to the warehouse and the system shows they delivered it anyway- fun fight that one was).

Needless to say, I am regretting the over $4000.00 I spent on my stove, dishwasher and microwave from Sears this summer. It also is no matter to them that I have also recently spent several thousand dollars on bedroom furniture at that same store. Well due to the unbelievabley bad service from delivery, to quality of product, to repair I certainly won't be spending any more money there and I do not recommend any one else do it either unless you like having no stove for 3 weeks and then just hope the guy will actually fix it when he shows up.

  • Jw
    jwilliams Dec 18, 2008

    Whenever you put anything on the middle and top racks the racks fall, the oven bowed out

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I purchased a Kenmore 600 washer. Immediately it was making too much noise and shaking too much when...

kenmore gas range

Bought a Kenmore gas range model #78853. Came home problem with electrical component. Called for resolution...

bad refrigerator

I bought a Kenmore refrigerator and payed over $1000 for it. I thought it was a good refrigerator but after 6 months the problems started. the first time, after I brought food and filled the refrigerator all the food was all frozen. I call them up and they say they could send a tech to repair it, they never told me they could credit me for any food lost. But this happen 3 times after the 3 time I ask them I wanted them to pay for my food, but it took me 5 phone call to get a check in the mail. I just have problems after problems since them but they won't replaced it or give the money back. just a week ago they fix the freezer side, it was over freezing everything, the ice water is drifting at the bottom and there is a lot ice I try to keep clean. Now, after 2 days of them coming it doing the same thing. I am so frustrated.

  • Ke

    I feel your pain, believe me. I bought a new Kenmore refrigerator AND laundry center 1 year and 3 weeks ago...refrigerator caused 3 or 4 problems during 1 yr. warranty period, then broke completely (losing all food) 1 week after year was up. Laundry center broke 2 weeks after year was up. I've been a lifelong customer of Sears and purchased Kenmore products throughout...rarely had any problems and they lasted forever.

    Now, they are very poorly made, priced too high and obviously not built to last (that's why they push that extended warranty so hard...they know full well their products aren't worth a d___ anymore).

    The best they could do for me was offer 20% off a new refrigerator (up to me to take away old one, shop and deliver and install new one) - how pathetic.

    In addition, I had just furnished an apartment I rent out with brand new KENMORE (YES) APPLIANCES - FRIDGE, DISHWASHER, STOVE AND OVEN HOOD AND MICROWAVE. I have decided to return all of these rather than risk dealing with this company one more time. I'm through with Kenmore and with Sears - after 35+ years of business.

    Don't worry - can't be long before they are through as a business. Bullies may go down last...but they go down HARD...AND FOR GOOD.

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model [protected]

My elderly mother and father recently purchased a Basic Black Dishwasher from KMART under the Kenmore Brand. It was not cleaning their dishes even when they rinsed the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. They called for repair and the repair person stated that everything worked OK but the dishwasher was cheap and wasn't going to wash dishes. I personally believe that a dishwasher should not be available for sale if it does not wash the dishes. Maybe when salmonella or other food poisining occurs in a family household the health department should look at the dishwasher. I am lucky my parent's did not get sick from a faulty product. By the way KMART offered to replace the machine by charging them the additional charge to upgrade it.

  • Ss
    SS09 Jun 27, 2009

    Sorry to hear that, but you get what you paid for.

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faulty controler

this is a complaint about your Kenmore elite oasis washing Machine Model No. 110.[protected]. I bought this washing machine in January 07 without buying your extended warrantee. Now however, the machines gives an F1 error and stops working. Sears service Dept. wants $95 for house visit. after many phone calls and internet searches i found out that the control is faulty and there are hundreds of complaints on the net regarding this issue. After speaking to many of Sears service employees, one of them told me that he is getting alots of complaints about this specific machine and i should call the Fed. Trade comm. and the Cal. state to report this product. i elected to buy the controler and pay for it $144 plus tax and delivery. This machine is faulty and it should be recalled and consumers should never be responsible faulty products. i will never enter Sears to buy any Sears products again.

  • Li
    lisa johnson Nov 12, 2008

    call sears one source
    this control board is actually covered for 2 years part. The labor is reimbursed up to $150.00
    I just spent the whole day getting this problem solved for now.

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service charge

Requested replacement of water heater. Oct 1, 2008 Called [protected]. Gave model and serial # and...

Melbourne Beach Unauthorized Charges


What EXACTLY is the dishwasher doing wrong? Is it leaving food residue, not draining or not cleaning the dishes to your standards? How old is the machine, what kind of loads do you put in, how long have you had the machine (did you buy it new or was it a used machine)? All this information is necessary for someone else to be able to provide you with any possible causes and fixes.

  • Pa
    Paula Halprin Nov 05, 2008

    Exactly 4 years ago, I purchased a Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Dishwasher. I made myself use it at least once every couple of weeks to keep it in good shape, i.e. I was told to do this by the installer. A couple of months ago, the the dishes were just not washed well, i.e. my lipstick on a glass didn't even come off! I refused to pay the minimum $70 service charge from Sears so had anothe company come out. The service person told me that the problem was caused by a design flaw in this appliance and that he saw this a lot with this dishwasher. I was told that it had a weak pump and would cost $450 to repair this lemon that originally cost $699.98. I will be buying another dishwasher and will never as long as I live by another appliance from Sears. I was happy to see there was a least a website where I could vent. I also plan to forward this info to Consumer Report and anywhere else I can find.

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  • If
    ifarrar May 26, 2009

    mine just quit working. will not turn on. It is getting power - lights on switchboard work - except for the start button. 665.1384

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terrible service & repair

We bought our Kenmore apartment washer and dryer around April /07. We had it fixed twice by the three month return mark for not going into spin cycle and draining the water. In that three months I told the lady we wanted to return it and she said we couldn't only to find out a month later we could have but now time was up and we were stuck with it. There records indicated It was only fixed once and that my dryer was fixed. (My dryer never had been fixed because it never had a problem).

Then again in June/07, June/08 they came to fix it again for the same problem. Now today I go to do my laundry and guess what same problem. I contacted them and asked why they haven't exchanged it for another one yet, when obviously it is crap! She said they have to come out and fix it more than three times for the same problem and the service tech's have to say it is not fixable.

Everyone of the service guys stated they didn't see the apartment style washer and dryers lots and weren't even sure what they were looking at and how to fix it. The last guy told me to put it in my truck and take it to the sears shop. When I spoke to the lady today she brushed me off and told me I couldn't do that. Now I am waiting for them to Show up Oct/08 (Long wait).

I also talked to a few people on the phone in between those calls and they have no record of it. Not only is their product crap but they can't even keep track of when and where their service guys have been and who their call center agents are talking too. I will NEVER buy a sears product again!!! And I feel sorry for the guy who had is dryer fixed and not record on his account now we know where my missing service call went!

manufacturer's defect vs cosmetics

I purchased a Duel Fuel Range (plus a refrigerator) less than a year ago. Not only did it smear horribly no...

power surge

On Tuesday 8/12/08 we lost electricity. I had just placed supper in the oven. Kenmore range model number790.[protected] purchased 2002. Power was out for an hour. We had a 30 minute errand to run. My husband and I discussed not leaving because the oven was on at the time of power failure. We did not think the oven would turn back on nor think go turn off circuit breakers. We returned 30 minutes later to fire shooting out of our kitchen window. The neighbors noticed and called 911. Before the window broke the neighbors looked in the window. They reported seeing the fire behind the stove. After the fire was out the fire fighter showed us the raw meat still in the oven. The fire chief said that he had seen many Kenmore ovens in kitchen fires. They malfunctioned. I am trying to find out if there was a recall on my model. The fire and smoke damage destroyed our home. Now I am waiting on investigators and adjusters. It is a nightmare. If anyone can share info. please do.

refrig condenser assy cleaning procedure

Kenmore refrigerator (M/N 106.[protected]) manual incorrectly instructions how to clean condenser assy. Condensor assy design does not permit usual method of cleaning using a brush made for refrigerator condenser.

Sears customer service can only recommend calling out their service tech.

Cleaning a condenser assy has always been and should be an easy task which it currently is not!

bad business practice

I am writing about the terrible service that Sears has for their "large appliances"and to forward anyone out there thinking of buying from them. You had better do your research on the product and get the extended warranty on the product because you will use it ALOT!!! I have bought a Kenmore front load washer and dryer along with a Kenmore Elite Refridge from the Brookfield Sears in Wisconsin. Sales staff was very helpful. I have had X4 service calls on my refrigerator since July 2007. The first 3 were for the ice maker not working. It took about 2 months to finally get it repaired and now the ice maker and the fan are broken (making the entire refrigerator unusable). It usually takes 2-3 days for the service people to come out each time for service. They give you a time of 4 hours of when they will be there(very continent for taking time off). Every time they have been late by about an hour, so if you think you can take a half day off forget it, it will take all day. Not once have they fixed the problem on the initial visit, they have to "order the parts". I am not sure where all the parts come from(Africa?) but each time it has taken about 10-12 day for a part to arrive. When you call an independent company to fix it..2 days. What??? If you are unsatisfied with your product you have 90 days so if you think you have a lemon act fast and return it! Once you have fallen outside the 90 days you have to begin "a case file" with a 1-800 company called "one source". It is here where they collect your frustrated story and file it so ONLY if the repairman once he is in your house looking at the product dreams it "a lemon" they can (whoever they are) review your "case" and then let you know if you can get a new product. Sound frustrating? You bet! So remember the more expensive the product...the more that can go wrong! Sears definitely does not cater to the supporting customer and service people they are not!! Hopefully you will read this and take your business elsewhere.

  • Se
    Semperfimac Feb 27, 2010

    Had similar experience with Sears Calypso Washing Machine years ago. Sears is not the same company it was 30 years ago. In those days they valued customers. We're done with purchasing Sear Kenmore products.

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cracks in liner

(12/06) We bought a Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator 106 [protected] and discovered cracks in the liner(5/08...


Kenmore Elite appliances are the worst. We spent $10, 000 on four appliances...refrigerator, stove...

service support for a $1600 fridge 17 months old

We bought a Kenmore Refrigerator model#[protected] approx $1600 in February 2007 along with a stove, dishwasher, and built in Microwave. I had repair man from another company come and take look the ice dispenser and he diagnosed the problem and called to get the part and they could not get it. He suggests I call Sears directly and have them come out. I called Sears to try and get a cost on the part which is the Housing Dispenser. They say they can not sale the part because it has to be installed by Sears, I said fine and asked for a cost, they also did not have this information. He gave me the number for Kenmore [protected] which then leads me right to the Sears Service people in which I have talked to extensively. They want to charge me $70 dollars to come out and diagnose the problem and if they are unable to get the part or fix it then I am out my money. Second I have requested that they bring the part which I have told them what it is when they come and they say they cannot do this. They have offered me the 1 year limited warranty which is $250 but if the cannot fix they will give me $500 so now I get $250 of credit to buy another refrigerator. I am still out of a $1600 refrigerator that cannot be repaired after 17 months. I find that neither Sears nor Kenmore can stand behind what they are making if they are unable to repair something for $250 or give me the same product or an equivalent. The $250 is not a good option considering the money that has already been spent renting a refrigerator for $100 a month. I have now been on the phone for over 2 hours with no resolve. I have also been on hold for 41 minutes to talk to a supervisor. I think you may have lost a customer who thought Kenmore and Sears had a good product and service.