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Kay Jewelers / Sterling Jewelers / unethical behavior

1 Essex, MD, United States

On December 27, 2017 at around 545 pm, I entered Kay Jewelers East Point Mall location store. I patiently waited in a somewhat long line to pick up an online order. Upon approaching the register I was told by an older white male associate that he would be right with me. He then proceeded to walk around the store in search to find something assumedly more important. After a few seconds passed of doing nothing the associate walked over to an older white woman and ask "Do you need help with anything" the lady replied "No, I've been waited on, thank you!" The associate then proceeded to ask a white couple "can I help you all with anything?" They replied "no" as well. As I watched the associate disregard the fact that I was in line, HIS line go to each customer/browser to ask if they needed assistance I was in total amazement. As a black woman in America I've never personally been treated so unjust and been overlooked as if I didn't exist or didn't matter. My feelings were hurt beyond description. Racist America hasn't failed us yet, whites continue to prove that they can't treat us as human beings. What disappointed me the most was that not only did the white female associate defend this man, she stated that security or the police would be called because I got upset for being treated this way. Another male associate said absolutely nothing. All of this happened in a well-known business widely supported by many black and brown people. To have something as distasteful as this happen in a major retail company such as Kay jewelers was shocking. I've reached out to the regional manager Shannon Phipps in efforts to discuss this incident and haven't received a call back as of yet. I am in hopes that this issue will be resolved properly. To be discriminated against because of the color of your skin or the way you look to a person is hurtful, unlawful, and a disgrace to Kay Jewelers and Sterling jewelers as a whole. I was able to retrieve my merchandise, but truthfully Kay jewelers has lost a frequent consumer.

Dec 29, 2017

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