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I will never recommend anyone to buy anything from kay's as I can't trust their support and commitment of service and products

I have been to Kay Jewelers store at Mall of louisiana, Baton Rouge LA to buy a ring for my Fiance. The Sales Person whose name was Keith sold us the ring with the commitment that if we buy that day then we can come back after a week to collect our ring and he will return our 10% amount as they are starting a sale within a week and he can give us a cash back. There was another lady as sales person with him. I paid the full amount for the ring and When I went there after a week to get the ring. To my biggest surprise the Store Manager Kim denied to honor the sales persons commitment and was really rude. She ignored both her sales persons who were present there and who confirmed that they offered us 10% cash back. I have never seen such a rude and unethical Manager for who customer care is nothing and she can compromise loosing a business then honoring the commitment from her own sales team.

I will never recommend anyone to buy anything from Kay's as I can't trust their support and commitment of service and products.

  • Ru
    RunRun Jul 12, 2010

    They sold me a returned, defective Seiko watch. Their customer service was awful! The watch was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. The reason why I found out it was when I took the watch back, they said they would not give me my money back because the watch wrist band was shortened. My boyfriend did not shorten the wrist band. Apparently, someone shortened the wrist band, returned it to the store because it was defective, and the store was still selling the watch!! I had to go back to the store several times to discuss the issue, and the employees, including the manager of the store were very rude! They showed "I do not care" attitude. I tried to contact the boss of the store manager a few times, but she never contacted me back. A bad company! Will never go to the store again.

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  • jamesisajeweler Sep 12, 2011


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if I could give this 0 stars I most certainly would

If i could give this 0 stars i most certainly would. DO NOT EVER SHOP HERE..EVER!!! this is the most ridiculous excuse for a jewelry store. the people that work in the stores are rude and you would think corprate would have better service but they are even worse! long story short, i bought a ring in october of 2009 and got it sized that day. when i got it back 1 of the diamonds was missing so i had to send it out again to get replaced. i pick that one up in mid november and it was fine...for a little while. i went to get it cleaned at the store around christmas time, the woman said she couldnt because not 1, not 2, but EVERY SINGLE DIAMOND WAS LOOSE! and its not like its always getting banged around or anything to where it could be my fault, especially in a short time. so i had to send it back in again. i picked it up again in mid january and much to my surprise another diamond was missing when i went to get it. by this time i called corprate and the manager had them special order mine in hopes that it would be better. they ordered it in mid january, it wasnt available for pick up until april 12! well what do you know, april 20th im bringing the ring in again because surprise surprise another diamond fell out. so the manager in corprate tells me to bring the ring in so the can see if its "merchandise quality, " seriously what else could the problem be? its now may 1st, it was supposed to be back in the store today so i call them to find out whats going on, now they are telling me that the earliest it will be back is 4 days from now!! really people come on! how are you still in business! they keep telling me i can exchange it. why the frig would i wanna exchange it after all the problems i have had with this one?! i tell them i want a refund and they say i cant because its been more than 60 days. really!? why dont you look at the records and tell me how many days i have actually had the ring in my posession. i can tell you it definately hasnt been more than 60 days. so basically this comany is crap!

we feel that the company has deceived us, and are trying to cover up their multiple mistakes with lie after lie

My husband purchased a 1-carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum in 2007. In late March/early April 2010 I took the ring into our local Kay Jewelers store to have it repaired. When it was returned two weeks later, we discovered it was no longer platinum, but white gold. (It is noticably lighter in weight, and the metal has a different look to it as well.) Both the store and company seem to have no records of previous metal type. When we first contacted the store from which we bought the ring they told us that it was just marked down wrong on the receipts and records, which is why our receipts have the wrong information as well. The assistant manager claimed she had personal notes about our order, and insisted it WAS supposed to be platinum. After talking with headquarters however, she changed her story and claimed she had never spoken to us before. A manager with the company did discover a difference in information on the documents. Some said the ring was yellow gold while others said white gold. After further inspection, we found out that the I.G.I. Certification code on our diamond did not match the code on our certification papers that were given to us at time of purchase. We were given the wrong diamond, but it is poorer quality and worth less than the one we chose at the store in 2007. Because we have the wrong certification papers, we have no proof the diamond in our ring is actually ours and would not be covered if lost or damaged. The date on the I.G.I certification paper clearly states that paperwork was re-issued after we purchased our ring, so the store knew there was a mistake made, yet we were never informed. The ring has also been inspected twice a year, every year, since we purchased the ring, and not once was the mistake detected. (Or at least, we were never informed.) No one can give me an explanation for this mix up. They have offered to give us a new diamond, but obviously they can't give us the one we picked out and paid for. I asked for a full refund, which they're refusing to give because we purchased the ring using a trade-in. They will only give us what we paid for the ring, and the other half can be used to pick out another piece of jewelry in the store. Technically, we paid for this ring, whether it was as a trade in or not. Second of all, why in the world would I want another piece of jewelry from their store? If I accept a new diamond, I will still have to deal with their company for cleanings, inspections and repairs. This is their mistake, and they've admitted it to me several times. This isn't the product we picked out and paid for. We feel that the company has deceived us, and are trying to cover up their multiple mistakes with lie after lie. I do not trust Kays at all. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and our state's Attorney General. I also sent a certified, restricted delivery letter to the CEO of the company, though I doubt I'll get a response. I hope this gets resolved; I can't even look at my ring now without getting upset.

  • jamesisajeweler Sep 12, 2011



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  • Ju
    JustNotRight2012 Jan 30, 2012

    I bought a setting from kays Jeweler in Waldorf, Maryland in the local mall and had my own certified diamond placed in the center. Well when I purchased the setting for 2295 the assistant manager wrote the purchase up as a trade in. Now the ring value in the their system shows the ring being valued at 2295 when the ring sells for 5400 in the store and all I bought was the setting with my center cert. diamond placed in the center which would increase the value so incase they lose my ring during repair it can be replaced at = value . Long story short two weeks after purchasing the ring 3 small diamonds on the side feel out for no reason and an open design closed and I tried to open it back up when I noticed it which caused a scratch or two. When I took it in they tried to say I intentionally damaged it or it had been through some trauma that I caused cause one side stone was loose and both side stones were chipped (next to a prong as if the jeweler caused it when setting the diamonds), and the associate asked what i did with the diamonds. Then when they sent it out to be fixed it came back not fixed only 3 small diamonds that fell out the two side stones that were chipped and insinuated tI did all this to the ring in 2 weeks. I checked my receipt and when I purchased the ring a month ago they charged me 6% on 4, 650. when the setting only cost 2295 and my total for the extended insurance and and mounting totaled 2, 500. It was 278 they charged in tax which over charged me 125 dollars. Now they are trying to find out if the side diamonds can be replaced or if its even returnable since I asked mentioned returning it. They are screwing me and my husband and trying to keep the commissioned sale..I hate Kays and I believe they train their associated to be cons, manipulating and deceiving..

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their employees lie to you and corporate do nothing to prevent it

I had a store manager ask me about my purchases/returns from other stores when I called her to see if they still had a ring I was interested in buying. Was this person looking in my personal account without my consent or knowledge? I did not ask anything about my account when I called...she simply stated I see where you bought and returned from two other stores. I felt like I needed to explain to her for no reason that both places had damaged the pieces after setting my diamond both times so I didn't accept defective jewelers work. I called the corporate office to which I was talked to a bit rudely. They told me that no employee should be able to access my account with out my consent. The store manager lied when corporate called her and stated she was reading from a paper she had in her store. She did not have paperwork from the other stores I'm sure as it has nothing to do with her store. They refuse to call back with any follow up so you never know if any disciplinary action is taken. I was told "it is handled internally" and for privacy reasons I will not find out the outcome. Oh yeah, what about my privacy?

  • Ru
    ruseskas Jul 27, 2011

    Went in to LOOK at diamonds and band. Saw ring I liked. Tried to convince me to put down payment on it and could change my mind..I said No. Looked at several different things including resizing my ring or putting it in new setting. Told her I would bring fiance in and needed to talk to him. She said "Why don't we at least take your information so we can have it when you come back in." Next thing I new I get a credit card in the mail. Ok- not so bad. When back in tonight 7/26/11 to get my old ring resized and was given a different price but she said will honor old quote. Asked me if I wanted Insurance/credit protection and I said "no I'm not purchasing anything and don't want it" When signing my credit slip she said since this is your first purchase there's just two more things you need to sign. After leaving the store went nearby to eat and read what she had me sign. It was Insurance/credit protection I had just said I didn't want. Went right back and told her I didn't like her practice and therefore didn't want to do business with them. I got my ring back and asked for the 2nd copy of the Insurance/credit protection. "Oh I can't give you that but I can give you a copy of the slip that said I cancelled it" I said yes I would like it. She gave me a BLANK piece of paper. So on my very first purchase with a card I didn't even ask for they lost a customer for good!!! Went right home and cancelled the card. Crooked company. STAY AWAY!! Read the little tiny print BEFORE you they pressure you to just sign because you are new. WOW I would never trust this company like this when said if they lose or damage your property they won't give you it's worth but something "similar or equal that THEY have in their case". I prefer to keep my beautiful ring THANK YOU!!!

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  • Ru
    ruseskas Jul 27, 2011

    This was my complaint?

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  • Ti
    Timoty h. Jan 31, 2012

    My name is Tim (E-mail: [email protected]) I was standing outside of Kay Jewelers in the mall. I waited for my wife to come to join up with me, Vanessa (store manager) came up to me and asked: "Would like to sign up for a Kay card, " I inform her that I don't want a card, she said "that is not what I asked you, " she repeat the same question again. " I told her that I don't want one. " She said not was asked you, repeat again. I told her what part of the world no don't you understand.

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  • Ca
    Catie437 Apr 03, 2012

    Those people are snakes! I went to look at rings with my fiancée about 3 months ago. They presumed to try to presure me into buying a 2500 ring, that I wasn't in love with. When I finally bought a ring and had to wait over two weeks to get it back from being resized, I quickly realized it was to big. I took it back and they measured it and found out it was a 1/4 to big and they told me when i first purchased it to size it at a 4 1/2 so when it gets hot there's room for my fingers. They wanted me to wait another two weeks to get it resized...AGAIN! This company has some serious flaws and there only out to get your money, they don't have your best interest at heart! I'm sorry they treated you all like crap but now know how they do buisness!

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  • Re
    Reganjg Jul 25, 2012

    About a year and a half ago I took my rings in for warranty check and had them sent off to be polished as usual. The store sent me home with someone else's ring. (I told them it wasn't mine, but they insisted that it was.) they then called me that same weekend and demanded I bring it in and that they had my ring in the store. I wasted my own time to take them back the wrong ring they had given me. When I got there, they did not even have my ring as promised. I had to wait another week to get mine back. THIS time, they lost my wedding band. They gave me a size 9 that looked like mine, but I wear 5.25. Obviously they knew it wasn't mine. They said they would call warehouse to locate it. I started getting frustrated after waiting all weekend so I called back. Spoke to manager and they had "all of a sudden found" my ring. I went to the store yesturday and it was my size, but the diamonds were half the tcw of my ring. If you lost, just tell me! My wedding band was blessed in our church in front of over 350 friends and family members. It breaks my heart that it was lost so carelessly. My husband was going to buy me another matching band to go on top of my engagement ring to celebrate the birth of our daughter. He refuses to because "it will just get lost" like my others. I am waiting to hear back today, and still nothing. I am a manager in customer service myself, and it is things like this that make me tell my friends and family to not go to your store.

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complete rip off

My fiance bought my ring around Christmas at a Kay jewelers in wanatchee WA. We went back to get a matching Leo wrap we both liked. They didn't have white gold but the manager said we could buy yellow gold so we could use our rewards before they expired and exchange it for white when it came in. She said she would call us in a couple weeks to let us know when it would be in but promised it would be in by atleast April. Our wedding is in June. She never called, we called her she had no clue when it was going to be in. We were coming up on our 30 days to return and didn't want to get stuck with a yellow enhancer for a white gold ring. While visiting our family in western WA we went to the south hill kay jewelers in puyallup WA. 15 minutes after "open" time the store was still locked, a girl who worked there was also locked out said we could go to wiesfeild since they are a sister store. The women there returned the money to the account after informing us that we will lose our rewards totaling about $800. We had no choice or room to gamble, since we were lied to before how could we be sure if they would later let us exchange? We called a couple months later to see if maybe the ring we ordered was in. The man who originally sold the engagement ring to my finance said it had came in two days after we returned our enhancer and no one had called us. They had already sold it to someone else. I was upset since the manager was not helpful, the guy sales person felt bad and called later about a sale trying to help but no where near the $800 we were forced to give up. And again they couldn't promise the date. I called customer care multiple times. They put me on hold for half an hour to say there's nothing they can do. I don't have a house phone they wasted my minutes and money for disappointment. When I asked to speak with someone higher up she claimed to be the highest person I could speak to. Then when talking to the manager in wanatchee she claimed we were suppose to make a down payment before the white gold wrap was ordered. Which she never said and also does not make sense if it still came in and was sold. I called her personally and she still claimed this. My white gold ring also keeps turning yellow. I later found out this is common but they never told us before we bought it otherwise we could have just bought the yellow gold Leo and have that enhancer. So we decided to get something made that looked like that wrap from a different store who quoted us way less! But then we found that would void our warranty *sigh* so I wanted to go the cheap way and get my promise ring and engagement ring put together. To cut a chunk out of my promise ring and put my ring in it they were quoting $1000! But of course not after not calling to let me know multiple times after I called them. I want to pawn my ring and start over! I just get frustrated when I look at my ring. I should be feeling happy loving feelings. Not like I'm getting flash backs of getting raped by Kay jewelers. Every kiss begins with kay????? Well they can kiss my ... everyone I've spoken to kay customers or not have awful things to say about the scam of a place. After spending thousands of dollars on a piece of gunk Leo they could atleast try to resolve the issue. The only resolution they gave us is remount on yellow gold. Which we would have to pay for then pay full price for the enhancer. I pray you read this before buying. Thank you.

  • Ch
    C.Husser Aug 09, 2012

    We purchased our rings at Kay Jewelers several years ago. Last spring, I took my ring in for its inspection and was tol that many of the stones were loose. We sent it back to have the stones tightened, which took almost a month. When it was returned, it looked as though the gold was merely crimped around the channel-set diamonds. As time went on, it appeared that some of the channel-set stone had shifted. I took it back in about a year later and was told I had chipped a diamond and since I hadn't brought it in for its 6-month inspection, I would be responsible for the replacement cost of the stone. The sales representative said it would probably cost about $100. I hadn't remembered to do the inpection - we had lost a baby and then gone through a very difficult pregnancy, so a ring check simply wasn't on our priority list. I tried to get them to explain to me how a chipped diamond had anything to do with maintenance or inspections. I could get it inspected and then chip it the next day. They didn't care. I spoke with other sales people and then corporate. They didn't care either, but they were certainly ready to try to talk me into purchasing an upgrade. These people have the interpersonal skills of earthworms and the integrity of pirhanas. We will never take any business of ours there again.

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do not shop there

Hubby bought LEO wedding rings there. Recently one of my diamonds fell out and they refuses to replace it. We get it inspected about 5 times a year and the warranty should cover this. However the sales people never ask for the paperwork to document the inspections. THIS IS THE FINE PRINT and clause in the warranty. It seems like they do this on purpose so they won't have to cover for lost diamonds!!! The staff are terrible and the Customer Service in the headquarters are just as bad since they are not willing to work with the customer to find a resolution. DO NOT SHOP THERE.


If the customer satisfaction rating scale would have negative values, I would definitely use it.

I cannot judge the quality of the jewelry, because I never purchased a piece from this store. I can definitely render an opinion about the quality of the service in WICHITA, KS Town East store, which is not satisfactory.

I was going to buy small necklace in white gold, which the store didn’t have in stock. They promised me to get it and call me within few days. 2 weeks later and after no call, I have decided to go to the store. The female staff member, who promised to get the necklace for me pretended she doesn’t see me. When I was standing at the showcase for quite some time, different male staff came and offered help. I explained my situation; he consulted the female staff and told that the necklace was sent to Belden Jewelers by mistake. I just need to go there and the store manager has it for me. So there I was, 20 minutes later, marching to different store. I asked for the store manager, who was not available, but should be back in few minutes. 15 minutes later, he was still not available and nobody could tell me when he will be. They were able to tell me, that there was no necklace sent to their store. At that time, I felt like Kay’s frankly lied to me and sent me for a wild goose chase. I went back to Kay’s. Again after waiting, I did politely express my dissatisfaction with their service. The male staff offer no apology or “How can we fix it?” He did have more and more excuses ready and was unable to assume any responsibility for poor service. Politely, I stated that I will not be using their store in the future. As I was leaving, he celled at me across the store, and wished me “HAVE A GREAT LIFE!”

  • Ju
    JustBusiness Aug 25, 2010

    You should have marched back to get his name and filed a formal complaint. I live in Wichita also and have the same problems with them. I bought a 3 carat ring from them with nothing but horrible service and i figured after spending almost $12k on a ring that i would be treated better.

    Sent the ring to be sized 4 times and took a month EACH TIME for the SAME SIZE!! The jeweler is in KC and is terrible. Rhodium plating doesnt last 2 weeks before it wears off and the ring goes yellow. I wanted 4 real pink diamonds and they never called back when the "ordered" them. I cut my losses and went down the mall to Helzbergs. They sized the ring, placed the pink diamonds (that i bought from them for $7k less than Kay), in less than 7 days and it looks great. .Never go to Kay again.. go to Helzberg Diamonds in Towne West and ask for Lynn, she will treat you right.

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consumer fraud

My husband purchased a 1-carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum in 2007. In late March/early April 2010 I took the ring into our local Kay Jewelers store to have it repaired. When it was returned two weeks later, we discovered it was no longer platinum, but white gold. Both the store and company seem to have no records of previous metal type. When we first contacted the store from which we bought the ring, they told us that it was just marked down wrong on the receipts and records. The assistant manager claimed she had personal notes about our order, and insisted it WAS supposed to be platinum. She told us this several times. After talking with headquarters however, she changed her story and claimed she had never spoken to us before, and had no personal records of any kind.

A manager with the company did discover a difference in information on the documents. Some said the ring was set in yellow gold while others said white gold. After further inspection, we found out that the I.G.I. Certification code on our diamond did not match the code on our certification papers that were given to us at time of purchase. We were given the wrong diamond, but it is poorer quality and worth less than the one we chose at the store in 2007. Because we have the wrong certification papers, we have no proof the diamond in our ring is actually ours and would not be covered if lost or damaged. The date on the I.G.I certification paper states that paperwork was re-issued after we purchased our ring, so the store clearly knew there was a mistake made, yet we were never informed. The ring has also been inspected twice a year, every year, since we purchased the ring, and not once was the mistake detected. (Or at least, we were never informed.)

After calling for days and leaving endless voicemail messages, I got in touch with a woman who acts as though she could care less about our problem. First they offer us $500 for the difference in diamond price, plus another $100 for all the trouble we've been through. (Meanwhile, it took me almost two weeks just to get a supervisor to call me back. I called them and left messages at least once a day, everyday.) Then the highest supervisor there said their final offer was to either give us a new diamond, or give us a partial refund (And then the other half would be given to us in another piece of jewelry from their store). Please tell me why I would want anything else from them?? We bought the current ring by trading in a smaller diamond, so they claim they can't give us a full refund.

This isn't the product we picked out and paid for. We want a full refund, because there is no way for them to get us the exact diamond we picked out, not even taking into consideration the problem with the platinum/white gold band. The supervisors were extremely rude and belittling, even going as far as saying that if I didn't even know the IGI code on the diamond was wrong, how were they supposed to know? (The code can only be seen with a high powered microscope.)

This problem is the result of several BIG mistakes. We feel that the company has deceived us, and are trying to cover up their multiple mistakes with lie after lie. As long as I have this ring, I'm stuck going back to Kay's for inspections, cleanings, and repairs. I DO NOT TRUST THEM!

I'm at a loss of what to do. It's not like I'm trying to get a new ring out of this. I want the diamond and band we picked out and paid for 3 years ago. I can't look at it now without getting upset. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and our state's Attorney General, but I'm afraid nothing will ever come of this. I also wrote a certified, restricted delivery letter to the CEO, but who knows whether he'll actually read it or care.

kay jewelers doesn't like customers

Kay Jewelers doesn't understand customer service. In today's internet economy where people have thousands of choices on where to shop, you would think companies would be on the lookout for ways to be cooperative with their customers - but NOT KAY!

I purchased a watch for my wife as an anniversary gift. To be fair, it is a nice Movado and I felt Kay offered it at a good price as I had done some shopping around. Although my wife liked the watch, she decided that she would like to get a different gift instead. The receipt had Kay's return policy printed on it which says you have 60 days to return your purchase for a refund. (Further down, it mentions the different 30 day 'watch return policy'). Well, like most consumers, I didn't read all of the fine print, only the part at the top which says I had 60 days (my fault!)

I entered the store on day 32 and was told it was past the 30 day 'watch' return policy. I calmly suggested to the store manager that the first line in the return policy said I have 60 days to return my purchase. It was then she pointed out that 'watch' return policy is written further down! I asked why they print that I have 60 days on a watch receipt? She didn't know but instructed me to call customer care (funny that they call it that) as she didn't have the authority to override the policy.

So, this is where it gets really bad. I called and spoke with Jim. I once again told him my sad tale of how I misunderstood the return policy because it says, right at the top, that I had 60 days to return my purchase. (As long as it is not a watch!) Jim pointed out rather rudely that I needed to read the whole thing. DUH. I know that now but, surely on day 32, you can make an exception? Nope. "But, Jim, you printed on my watch receipt that I had 60 days to return my purchase, why would I read further than that? Why should I assume that the 'watch' return policy is specified down further? So, since this is just a clear misunderstanding, and because you value me as a customer, and it is only day 32, you can make an exception, right?" Nope, Nope, double Nope. Oh, almost forgot...Kay has another policy that they will not escalate customer complaints to a supervisor. Never. Nope.

Apparently, Kay would rather I keep a watch that I don't want and NEVER, EVER shop in their store again than make a 2 day exception to a return policy that was misleading. Huh. I will also post this review EVERYWHERE that I can find to keep others from shopping there. Hey Jim, if your supervisor reads this, he would probably applaud you for a job well done. But, if I am the owners of Kay, I think maybe I wish we could have excused the 2 days. Will I ever shop at Kay? Nope. Nope. Triple Nope.

  • Th
    thetruthhurts. Nov 19, 2010

    That's the problem, nowadays. No one wants to be held accountable for their own actions. Everyone expects an exception to be made.
    So it is the jewelry store's fault that you didn't read your receipt?
    Do you know how many people call every day and ask for a break because its just '2 days', or '5 days' or 'a week' or 'two weeks' past the policy? So where do you draw the line? It's not fair to other customers if they take back your merchandise just because you're angry and feel like the world owes you something.

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  • An
    angrycustomercarol Dec 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My boyfriend bought me a leo diamond ring from Kay's. Please note the extended warranty was also purchased. I found that a stone was defective and they refused to even talk to me at the store, the manager walked away as he shouted call customer service. I am a reasonable person and called the Gem Institute that certified the stone to begin with and they were more than happy to re-evaluate it. Kay Jewelers declined. I highly recommend that people shop else where!!! Investigate the jewelry store before making a purchase. Unfortunately for us it is too late.

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  • Ka
    kaysucks Dec 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried retuning a movado today. at Kay in Broward Mall Ft. lauderdale. I was withing the 30 day return period and still got denied a return. Supposindly it was "worn" and resized. Heck they offered to resize it!! What a scam. they just want to keep the commision at all costs. Im warning everyone not to buy any watches there again!

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I will never go there again

OK I used to love Kays...however that quickly changed rings and chains I have from there they are great not the best but I love them however the bracelet I got from there has fallen off 3 times because of the crappy lobster claw clasp which is supposed to be the best. They did however replace it but then the next one only 2 weeks old and the clasp broke..couldn't find it after I lost no simpathy what so ever..they tried to say they didn't replace lost jewelry I was like what you replaced it once and it broke not even 2 weeks later and they said I should of got it repaired. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO GET IT REPAIRED WHEN IT FELL OFF I COULDNT FIND IT..and trust me this was not the cheapest one they boyfriend spent alot on my bracelet and now its gone and it hasn't been a year..its currently august I got it last December..the first time it broke was JAN. one month after..found it got it repairs..then broke again in MAY couldn't find it [censor]ed till they replaced it..2 weeks later I understand they can't keep affording to replace it but what about me and my boyfriend we arn't rich as it is and now I have a warrenty on a bracelet I don't even have and they won't go anything! I will never go there. My friend has had a similar one from Zales for more than a year..proabably like 3 or 4 years and has never had an issue you bet I will never be going to Kays again..and then had the nerve that they hope they could continue in the future giving me the service I what I deserve piece of ### service thanks Kays ... I will show you where you can shove your wonderful service.

  • Cu
    CustomerIsNOTAlwaysRight Oct 26, 2011

    You get what you pay for, if you buy a $60 sterling silver bracelet, do you expect it to last as though it's a $2000 one?!? Next time have your BF step his game up! Lastly, if everyone walked into a jewelry store and expected that store to replace their lost jewelry, they'd be out of business, then you'd complain they were outta business. You just can't please some people.

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lost gold diamond pendant

Taken broken necklace with gold diamond pendant to get repaired. Went to pick it up on due date of repair, no one called. The chain was fixed but the pendant missing. Offered me the necklace refuse to take it without the pendant, which can not be taken off the chain unless it is broken, it won't fix over the ends. Missing sent 2/16/2010 until now 3/20/2010. No one called me ever i am the one that has to keep going to the store asking.Poor customer service on not keeping informed or offering me a new pendant instead saying they are looking for it.

switch stones

The ring that was purchased on November 8th, 2008 was 1.5 carat total weight. This weight included nine...

terrible customer service

I purchased an Jane Alexander open heart necklace for $149.99 from Kay Jewelers at White Marsh Mall in Baltimore, MD. The oyster clasp was so small I had trouble getting it opened. I went back to Kay and asked if I could have a larger clasp put on it and the sales person said it would cost more than the necklace to replace it. She Was very snobbish, acted like she could not be bothered with me. I will not purchase anything from Kay Jewelers again. I will not recommend them to anyone again either.Customer service is terrible.

  • Th
    thetruthhurts. Dec 05, 2010

    1. Jane Seymour, not Jane Alexander
    2. She was probably snobbish because of how appalled you were that the clasp would cost that much. Custom repairs do cost that much.

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5 repairs in less than 2 years and more

My husband bought me a ring at Kay Jewelers in February 2008 to replace my titanium wedding band after the birth of our child. We also purchased their lifetime guarantee plan and every six months have to turn in my ring for inspection in order to be eligible to have repairs or replacements done. Within this time I am not only driving to the store for inspection but also for 5 complaints. The first time a diamond came out, they sent it in and 2 weeks later I picked it up and it was "replaced". The second time the diamond in the same spot came out, again they sent it in and 2 1/2 weeks later I can pick it up. The third time the ring broke in a very uncomfortable spot. They sent it in and supposedly fixed it, as I picked it up it turned from a two tone into a simple white gold and they are actually trying to tell me that the yellow gold just faded from the way they clean it, whereever they send it. So I had to come back, as supposedly there was no manager in and talk to a manager. The manager tells m that indeed it is not possible for the yellow gold to fade from cleaning methods. sent it in a week and a half later I pick up my two tone. This last Sunday I went for my 6 months inspection and the lady inspected it, cleaned it, gave it back to me. that was it. We had bought a gold men's ring but returned that. and this time I meant to buy a simple yellow gold necklace chain, but they didn't even offer to help any further. the store was empty no other customer but 2 people on staff, don't you dare to make them work. A lot of staff has quite some attitude, very unprofessional. The best is, today, two days after the last inspection, I place my ring back on my finger after it was on a ring holder so I could get some house work done. It was broken through again, in the same spot before they told me that the yellow gold in my ring had faded. All I want is to retunr the ring and get my money back. We paid $ 600.00 for it, which is not the most expensive but not a gum ball machine price either, the quality is lousy and for my original band I didn't pay that much more at a different jeweler where they took time for us, advised us (including that it could not be widened. so that was a risk we knew we took) and gave us professional service and knowledge. I do not think I will ever buy at Kay's again, I will be trying to find a consumer protection agency to help me find what I can do to protect my rights. I am upset, disappointed and can't believe this is even legal. All these commercials and investing all this money in those commercials and ads and for such bad quality and service?! Really?!

zero warranty, beware

Kay Jewelers has the worst warranty service that I have ever purchased, further more they have the STAFF that is equal to the warranty.

THey are unable to back what they sell when it comes to expensive items and they are confused as to where to ship the item when it needs repair. Now I never heard of a ring going out for an inspection for three weeks to only find out that it was sent to the wrong place. Then it takes anothet three weeks to go out to the right place only to find out that they will not honor there.

left me without a ring and a refund

I got a ring purchased at Kays for Christmas. in late February I noticed one of the stones had fallen out. I took it to the store to have it repaired thank goodness the warranty was purchased. After 7 days I went to get the ring-it was filthy I asked to have it cleaned and when the girl cleaned ti a stone fell out. After 7 days I got the ring and there was a stone missing. They reordered the ring and after 7 days I went to get the "new" ring. It looked ok but upon further inspection one of the diamonds wasn't set quite right so I decided not to keep that ring and asked for an exchange-all I wanted was something in the same price range--NOPE I have to find something 2x's the value of the defective ring and I could buy that--I am at home now 4-22-09 without a ring and with out a refund. KAYS SUCKS.

won't honor warranty

Kay jewelers does not understand the idea behind sentimental jewelry. My young son bought me a ring for a gift in 2004 and also was talked into a warranty. One of the little
stones fell out in 2009. I had to pay $25.oo to replace it even with the warranty . I was willing to do this as it was a very special gift given by my SON. In JAN of this year the small
stone fell out again. I brought it in and was told it would be another $25.00 to replace...Again I was will as it was a special gift from my SON. (I am sure any one reading this gets the point) NOT KAY JEWELERS!!! I was told that it is a little weak from where and the jeweler doesn't believe that it will last long so they won't fix it. I have spoken with the manager and customer service to fix it anyways for the $25.00 but they won't do it. Even with the warranty...instead they are willing to give me the $40.00 the gift originally cost my son.
WOW! the nerve to tell someone basically that it wasn't even worth fixing!!! I will make sure to spread the word to anyone and everyone never to shop at such a rude store.

  • Je
    Jesse Trevino Feb 08, 2010

    WOW!!! You just cheapened you sons gift with this blog...ONE: knowning it was worth $40.00 should have given you a clue????? TWO: IT WAS YOUR SONS GIFT after the first time and it failed again then after the news you should have said AWW I'll keep it and give it as a momento even without the stone...but now you sound like a money hungry !#@$%.

    AS far as the company I commend them for thier efforts and thier honesty and the willing to give you the entire money back? DO you expect them to replace the stone everytime it's lost???? How do they know you aren't ripping them out and keeping them and replacing them for $25.00 a pop?????

    signed you son
    (no really, I'm just kidding please see the light in this and the honesty)
    this was kind of tough to answer

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no commitment to customers

While my husband was deployed to Iraq his hand was smashed in an armoured door. Needless to say his wedding ring was smashed along with his hand, it lost a diamond and had to be cut off of his hand. Kays response when i wanted to have it fixed was "It hasnt been inspected recently, so you will have to pay, your warranty will not cover it." Tell me how is he supposed to have it inspected in iraq? He didnt even have a toilet to piss in, let alone a diamonologist to inspect his ring. I feel that we were not provided with the customer service we deserved. I dont not believe they have any type of commitment to thier customers. Obviuosly not to thier military service members either. We have been customers with them since 1996 and I will never again buy a piece of jewelery from them again. So this is my warning to my fellow military members and family.. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING OF VALUE FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED WHEN YOU ARE CALLED UPON TO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY!!

wedding set

My husband purchased a 1 3/4k diamond ring bridal set on 2/12/09. The engagement ring product number is [protected] and the "unmatched" wedding band's product number is [protected]. Considering this is obvious, I never realized this until after my ring was soldered together a few months later which is after the "return policy". A few months after buying my ring, I noticed the diamonds kept falling off. Kay Jeweler staff said that "You have a 50/50 chance of your diamonds falling off here". After my diamonds fell off twice, I asked for another ring. The manager told me no, they can keep fixing it but I can't have a new ring which was right before my Wedding Reception. I told them I can't wear this for my Wedding and they said "just have the photographer edit a diamond in the picture". I sent an email to corporate and they finally gave me a ring on 12/29/09 that was too big from behind the case and gave me a guard to wear to make it fit for the engagement ring only. He refused to give me one for the wedding band though. Well, after a month of them having my ring soldered again and sized, they called me to pick it up. When I went there, a Kay staff said "they did a horrible job on the ring. They just went too fast on it. You should have never bought this ring." as another Kay staff told me "This is the second ring this month" just like mine "that is being returned". So as my husband spent $2, 500 on my wedding rings, he never knew what kind of poor quality place he was putting himself into. As I spoke on the phone with an unknown customer representative of product complaints, he said "I don't know why you are telling me this, you need to tell the manager over there". So, this is it. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY KAY JEWELRY PRODUCTS! They will treat you just as bad as us.

  • Sh
    shanteebaluga Jun 29, 2010

    JB Robinson Waldorf Maryland; I was scammed by a red headed old woman sale lady and filipino sale short sale lady buying a ring in amount of 3800.00 when it was only $1200.00 both sale scammer sale lady enroll me Payment Protection Plan, Extended Waranty when I did not ask for it with that I was also charges interest when they say it's 12 months no interest. Please do not buy in that store if the store manager is not in; both sale lady is a scammer but for the company.

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refuse to honor insurance

My husband bought a one and a half carat three stone engagement ring from Kay Jewelers, spending $2, 999 plu...