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I purchased their product based solely on an available rebate. My wife tossed the box while I was installing the software and as luck would have it, the trash was picked up the same day. Since I was now missing the UPC code, I sent in the rebate with copies of the installation disk and installation code which they could verify was used by me, with an explanation regarding the missing UPC code. Since the purpose of the UPC code submission is "proof of purchase", it would seem that my submission satisfied the spirit of the offer. In fact, not so. No rebate. The main Kaspersky offices have no contact numbers that reach humans, using any tricks with various combos of 0's, *s or #s. I won't buy their security products again. I'll stick with McAfee.

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      Nov 09, 2009

    ANY other rebate company would do exactly the same! Even McAfee! No UPC code, no check. I feel for you as i have gotten the worse end of the deal from these rebate companies before. Good luck getting your rebate

    FYI- i believe kaspersky uses a company to do their rebates. The phone number on their rebate forms is 866-568-9228

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      Jun 11, 2015

    I too am having difficulty with their CS. I had purchased a 1 year license through their website after my pre-installed trial had run out. Big. Huge. Mistake!! Kaspersky screwed up several settings in Windows that not even the forced upgrade to 8.1 could fix!! Once I saw that, I uninstalled their crap software and just decided to let it run out. Naturally I forgot until I received an email from them saying that the license was running out in about a month or so and that they would auto renew it for me. I then immediately followed their instructions to cancel the auto renewal and received the confirmation email that it had indeed been cancelled. A week later I get another email harassing me to renew. I ignored it. Yesterday I received a call from 877-665-4716 claiming to be from Kaspersky and asked for me by name. However, I was not at home to answer that call so I'm not even sure if this was a legit call from them. I then immediately attempted to file for a support request, telling them SEVERAL times in my request that I wished to no longer continue any use of their product. All I got in response was a standard email telling me how to renew if I was having trouble renewing!!! Obviously, their techs DO NOT EVEN BOTHER to read customers' support requests THOROUGHLY before responding. I am praying that I don't have to go through another unwanted CC charge. I would definitely warn people from KAV especially since you'd get just as lousy CS if you used a free AV.

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