JustFlyrefund fraud


My name is Katarina Scarmack. Wife of Jospeh Scarmack, he is active duty Airforce.
We recently booked flights to go home through just fly. They charged us to cancel and is now trying to charge us $300 more per person than the website lists. They are scamming us and already costs us $1800. To fly home for Christmas and now they want us to pay $1, 200. To rebook! On top of our $1800!

I'm not sure if your aware of how much military people make but that's over an entire months pay! We have 2 children and we are just trying to go home for Christmas since the military gave us orders all the way across the states! One time a year and this company is making it impossible
For us to go home to our family!

I need someone's help ASAP please, this is NOT ok! And a big scam! No one mentioned this policy to us before canceling our flights!

Thank you,

Katarina Scarmack

Dec 03, 2018

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