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I ordered flowers for Mother's day on May 6th to deliver May 8th. They weren't. They couldn't even manage to deliver them the 9th or 10th or call to tell me they weren't delivered. I called on the 11th and was told they'd have to contact the "local florist". I was put on hold then told the florist wasn't answering, they'd have to talk to them, the flowers would deliver that day and they'd call me back. Three hours later I called again. Same story but they added "maybe the driver was in an accident". After a total of six hours since my fist call I called again to demand a refund. Got the same story. When I said I refused to wait any longer they put me on hold again to call the "local florist" but first had to tell me "maybe the driver was in an accident". She came back to say the order couldn't be cancelled and a refund given because the flowers were "on the truck". When i pressed the woman to promise me that what she was saying was that they WOULD deliver she had to admit that was not the case and that she hadn't even talked to the florist. While we were still going back and forth I got an email response to a complaint I'd made that morning. The email stated that my flowers had been delivered and they hadn't been contacted by the florist regarding any delivery issues. With that blatant lie in front of me I was finally given a refund. The customer service number is a call center in another country. The whole thing felt like a scam. They refused to tell me the name of the "local florist" and I suspect they use some big warehouse. The sort of place that turns up at a company with roses about to die and say "my boss put too many roses on the truck" and sell them cheap. And not sure what they think goes on in America that involves our roads being cluttered with flowery delivery trucks that have been "in an accident".

May 21, 2015

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