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Last month I actually used the services of Just and paid for the service on-line via bank debit card. Now this month there is an automatic re-occurring $9 "subscription fee" I being charged for. I never agreed to this subscription and I didn't have to pay one the first time I used them. This is what gets me, the telephone number they post is an automated attendant and offers no selection to speak to customer service. The website doesn't offer a customer service selection either. When I contacted my bank to seek assistance in blocking or preventing further charges I was told the only way i can stop it is to close out my account and re-open a new one. I don't have to tell you what an inconvenience this is, but I am doing anyway to stop this criminal act against me.

Please let me know if there is other ways to dispute something like this or to at least complain to them directly. I would like to at least have my complaint heard, thank you for listening.

Denise Janing-Burnside

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      Oct 16, 2009 - gator
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    was told get legal advise but required credit card deposit of 28 dollars, and if not satisfied with answer could get deposit taking off. i was really expecting to get it form the judge but this just showed .they also text my phone which i said was ok but now cannot delete them from my message list of people.i told them i was not satisfied with answer but it still shows on that account and ive been trying to get account closed but to confusing to get around on their site.can someone please help

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