JPMorgan Chase Bank / fraud department

Sterling Heights, MI, United States
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After today, I can guarantee that Chase is the worst bank. I had over 400 dollars in a fraudulent transaction take place on my account. I received a letter today (6-19) and it says they are reviewing the temporary credit because the transactions were correct. It also states on (6-20) the credit will be reversed. I asked to hold off until (6-23) so my check can come in and they said no. These translations were fraudulent and when I asked what research they did they said they don't research these types of claims... hmm if you did NO reseaerch how have you determined the transactions were correct. Customer service rep on phone was horrible ! On the letter it says if I want to request research for claim I can call, well she said I couldn't because it was internal! How would any chase employee feel if they had 400 dollars come out of their account they didn't authorize! So dissapointing and I'm ashamed to say (as of now) they are my primary bank!

Jun 19, 2017

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