JPMorgan Chase Bankconsumer checking account issue with $200 sign up fee

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My disabled sister moved back to my area of the country from the Seattle, WA area and in February 2017 opened up a Chase checking account with automated deposit of her recently received Social Security disability monthly check. She tried working with the local Chase office at 4425 Harrison in Rockford, IL on obtaining the $200 credit to no avail and we even stopped into another Chase branch in our city.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Rockford, ILBottom line, they say here best option to attempt to receive the $200 promotion is to leave Chase bank for 90 days and return to apply for it.
I find that so very wrong to have a disabled senior go thru the headache of leaving a bank, beginning a new banking relationship and then returning. There must be some way for her to obtain the $200 incentive which was promised. Her name is Kathleen M. Kettner with a date of birth of 2/12/54. I am her sister Patty Quinn and can be reached at my office at [protected].
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

May 15, 2017
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      May 17, 2017

    I am sorry for the issues you are having getting your senior sister's promotion addressed.
    My wife and I are experiencing the same issue on a promotion for opening checking and savings. We opened both, and needed to set up direct deposit. We had some problems with getting one of the direct deposit channels going to checking, so it went to our Chase savings account instead. We received no notification ahead of the required timeline of 60 days from Chase that the direct deposit into checking was not happening. We only found out after the fact, and again, not from Chase, but by asking the representative at the branch (New Albany, Indiana) why we had not received this. My wife and I met the intent of the promotion, they have records of the direct deposits (within the timeline) and we thought that by discussing this with the folks from Chase, that we could resolve the issue. The first answer came back - "No, it is policy that it must go into checking within the 60 days, and there is nothing we can do." We had decided to close the accounts and go to a different bank, when we received another promotion coupon from Chase for the same thing. Hoping to avoid the hassle, including re-routing direct deposits that are set up into both our checking and savings at Chase, we made a second attempt with Chase, sending them the information on the new Chase promotion coupon. This time it was escalated to Chase "customer service". The answer came back - "No, it is policy that it must go into checking (not savings) within the 60 days, and there is nothing we can do."
    This is a great example of awful customer service. They know we met the intent, and even the letter of the requirements, and the miss on the timeline was out of our control. They know they did nothing to notify us, before or after the deadline, to let us know we would miss the promotion. The most disappointing aspect to me is that raising the issue twice has made no difference. This is a great example of a large institution that has chosen to not any flexibility/adaptability, no matter what the circumstances, but rather to live and die by the letter of the policy. Customers are simply a necessary distraction in order for Chase to make money, and they believe they can make more money by denying these types of situations by avoiding paying these promotions - no matter what circumstances are involved.

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