JPMorgan Chase Bank / branch manager and associates

Pasadena, TexasPasadena, United States

Victor Gomez branch manager on fairmont parkway in Pasadena needs to be more informed and listen to the consumer and not be quick to want to close an account of a holder of more than 20 years. He also needs to know all the policies and not assume things. I went to deposit checks one which states pay to the order of myself and on the memo it states petty cash. He states I was not allowed to deposit it. I explain to him that I have been depositing the check for 10 years. He said that the others banks were overlooking it and not abiding by the rules. Afterwards some teller by the name of Samantha Gibson was quick to say close my account. I told him how could he allow that There was another teller being sarcastic and arrogant as well these tellers run his bank. Poor excuse for a manager and bank. I explain to him that a business should exemplify excellent customer service. This bank lacks it.

Jun 14, 2017

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