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Phoenix, AZ, United States
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For the last few months Chase and I have been in contact regarding my desire to mortgage release. I have faxed numerous documents at your request, my time and money could have been saved if your decision to sell my mortgage to another company had been made months ago. I only wanted this process of mortgage release to take place so I can move on with my life, but now that Chase has decided to sell my mortgage to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC this process will take even longer. Thanks in advance for all the extra time wasted on faxing and mailing documents as well as the countless phone calls that could have been avoided if this decision were made sooner. I told your representative the truth about my situation, the fact that I'm unable to pay my mortgage, child support, car note, and remaining attorney fees plus live meagorly. I hope you feel comfortable selling a mortgage to another company with full knowledge of your former clients financial demise. I personally think it is intentional fraudulent action, but no judgement from me, I just was unable to pay my mortgage and went a couple of months without informing you ( Chase ) so I have no room to pass judgement. However, I was trying to work with you in regard to a fair mortgage release.


Derrick Guy

Jun 19, 2017

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