Jp. Morgan Chaseunfair credit card practices and handling of disputes

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My name is lori m and i along with many other of chase victims want restitution for crimes that we feel have been done to us by jp. Morgan chase bank. I have had an ongoing dispute with a merchant in my state (An auto body repair shop) for not doing a good repair job to our car. Chase was my bank card in this dispute (Course one would never know it) . Because every opportunity for dispute was given to the merchant back and forth for months. So much so that the merchant had plenty of time to lawyer up. The merchant first sent in one - chicken scratch note on a worn out invoice and the wrong credit card name for us and wrong credit card number. He had nothing to show we even paid him with our chase credit card. After five weeks 3 days i finally received a letter in the mail to send chase our dispute proof. I sent in my long letter with details and all dates (As best i could remember for not one but two more opportunities we gave the auto body shop to work on our car and get all issue's corrected) . Only the body shop kept messing up our car even more then the first time he worked on it. I sent in pictures, then scanned pictures as they required only paper copies, a usb drive with files of all angles of the passenger side damage he did to the auto body repair job. Also not one but two other letter head written notes by legitimate auto body repair jobs documenting they have seen our car and the poor job the other auto body shop did and what they would recommend be done to fix the car to it's original state. Now through this whole dispute ordeal, i have felt like i was arguing more with chase (Then i ever was with the merchant) . Why, who knows? Chase employee's might be trained to act like they care and give the customer the famous line of "we're working for you". No you weren't. Every step of the way chase you were going behind my back to allow the merchant tons of time to lawyer up. Tons of opportunities for him to fight the dispute at hand (Yet he gave you nothing but a lawyer letter saying the car was never brought back to him) . Funny phone calls can prove a lot. . The merchant got five weeks after my first call in to dispute the charge. Yet, i got 10 days to get a dispute into chase for my case (With lies too of where to mail dispute, a letter taped to the mail envelope with a dispute address and fax, that we didn't see at first) . Every step of the way supervisors (Thomas coe and cassandra) didn't supply me with correct information or any information i'd ask for my mail, phone calls or email. Many lies too along the way (Too many to mention in this small box) . Also a chase advocacy executive named jenalyn - all of about accused us of damaging our car after we picked it up the first time from the auto body shop. She stated, perhaps we had a second accident with it so we could accuse this auto body store of damage and get funds of $1, 900 back with a charge back. Say what? Are car has more value then to do such a thing an accident in all the same areas of the dispute pictures? Wow, that's stretching it. Plus how did we create holograms, white cloudy areas and small, med, and large scratches through out the passenger body. How did we repair it again with door shells and hook doors unevenly? This women was insane and so very rude of a representative for such a high level position at chase bank. So today was a real bad day. I have spent countless hours researching what advocacy groups are out there to help me, what government agencies i can complain too, researching lawyers to maybe hire, writing attorney general in my area. Time spent on the phone endlessly. All to realize my sister was trying to reach me by email and phone. But, i changed my email last month because i was using road runner and went to dsl and was on my phone a lot. When my sister finally did reach me it was to tell me my 87 year old mother had a heart attack. That she was in the hospital for a few days and back at the nursing home. But, will be going into hospice care soon when they can move her. She's on oxygen and with a dnr order (Do not resuscitate) . This is where you chase come in. I will never forgive the people directly involved with this dispute. You're a horrible bank and horrible people working for you. I may never be able to have my mother understand me let alone know i'm there and i have you to blame for this. I have one mom in this lifetime and instead i spent my days fighting this stupid dispute. But, not with the merchant with you as my freaking bank chase!
I hope all of you rot in hell for eternity! All of you and all of you know who you are. Chase shape up your act as a giant money hunger grubbing entity that swallows others up whole. Stop doing all these devious banking practices not only to the little guy. But, for god sakes to everyone. How much money is enough for you bankers. It's true what i read, american workers bailed many banks out with our wages and taxes and then you treat the public and customers like s_ _ t. You will never have my forgiveness for putting me through all these things and i can only hope god does see all these bad things you're doing and brings you all to justice for all americans to have satisfaction for the day you fail and meet the lawyers to bring you down! You greedy butts.


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      Sep 10, 2013

    I ( Lori M.) the consumer had a on going dispute with a merchant in my home state for a bad auto body repair job he did to our car that was in an accident. We tried in good faith to go back to the body shop to work things out with this merchant for work he did on our car to no avail. Hence where Chase Bank comes in. I trusted them as my credit card to do right by us. We produced all the evidence they needed to fight the dispute ( our huge letter- explaining details and dates to the best of our ability). I sent in photographs, scanned paper photo's as they requested, a USB drive also with photo's of our damaged vehicle. Plus not one but two other auto body shops opinions about the poor quality of work done by this body shop we were in dispute with. But, Chase never intended all along to help us as great customer to them for years. Instead they seriously plotted the whole thing out how they'd stick the dispute $ in question back on us. The lies told by Chase Supervisors (Thomas Coe and Cassandra) and one executive level lady named Jenalyn. The accusations this lady made on me by telephone saying we damaged our own car after we took possession of it the first time the auto body shop worked on it. You spent over and hour throwing mud at me on the phone and why because the auto body shop owner lawyered up . He got an Attorney to write his letter ( other wise he didn't even have proof to send in of our own credit card transaction! After a day like I've had today I vow Chase I will never stop writing on boards and fighting your ### on this issue and dispute. Because during all this letter writing, phone calls and arguments with you Chase (not even the merchant anymore).. Apparently my sister was trying to reach me with an old email, an old email that I changed and forgot to tell her I changed from Road Runner to my local phone company of DSL service. My phone was busy because I was trying to find an Attorney as well ( to go after you Chase now and the auto body shop owner), plus calls to Attorney General office, calls to finding any consumer advocate agencies to complain to. Our Government agencies like FDIC. My point: I was so busy trying to fight your horrible company Chase that my Mom had a heart attack and almost died. She was rushed to a hospital and is back at the nursing home for now. She will be going to hospice care soon. She's on a DNR ( do not resuscitate order). I for one will never forgive any of the people working at Chase directly involved with my dispute case, there isn't anything any one of these people can ever say to me to make amends for how I feel. Shame on you Chase for putting not only me but many customers through hell when fighting disputes to their credit cards, changing Mortgage interest rates mid-stream, luring customers in with promises of giving low interest rates with checks and then higher rates right away after wards. Yes, there are many more devious things your bank does that you need to take a hard look at. You have trained individuals to be your robots and not one of mankind with human emotions or feelings. I will hate you forever Chase. I have one Mom in this lifetime and I'll be lucky if she even recognizes me when I get to travel and see her this weekend. Or if she will even recognize me as she's on oxygen and unconscious most of the time I'm told. People of the world save yourselves a world of aggravation and don't do business with JP. Morgan Chase Bank.

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      Oct 02, 2019

    This is kind of stupid don't you think? Do you really think that you can swipe your card anywhere and then submit a charge-back, and the merchant wouldn't have a fighting chance to try and save the money that he or she earned? Did you think that Chase would honestly just return the money back to your credit card immediately? That's not how a charge-back works. Also your timeline doesn't make sense. Disputes only stay open for less than 30 days of inactivity before being closed, NOT FIVE WEEKS AND 3 DAYS. I'm a merchant and I respond to credit card disputes all the time, and I usually win them, so I have a fairly decent understanding of how it works. You probably did intentionally cause more damage to your vehicle just to get your $1900 back. Shameful.

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