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JP Morgan Chase / fraudulent debit card - refusal to refund money

1 New York, NY, United States

A fraudulent transaction was used through Paypal with my debit card from Chase Banks on 11/21/17. I was notified by ebay that a fraudulent transaction occurred via email. This alerted me to check my bank account. I was charged $463.34 through a fraudulent paypal purchase. I immediately contacted on 11/22/17 my bank to let them know that a fraudulent purchase had occurred. I also contacted the ebay seller to let them know that I did not make the purchase. Chase banks stated that they were going to investigate and issue a temporary credit to my account of $463.34. On 12/26/17 the day after Christmas I noticed that the credit had been reversed and $463.34 was gone. I contacted the bank and they let me know that they had investigated and the charge was valid. I let them know the charge was not valid and what type of documentation they had received to validate the charge. Chase stated that because the name/billing address and tracking number had my name, then the charge would not come off. I escalated the issue to a manager to let them know that it was a fraudulent charge and to send me what type of documentation was received. I faxed over several emails from Ebay on 12/26/17 to Chase to reopen the denial and spoke to a manager later on in the day and they let me know that the issue would be expedited. I spoke to Chase bank again on 12/28/17 to find out any updates. They let me know that they could not see any documents, but that the case had been reasserted. On 1/6/18 I had finally received the Police report that I had filed and faxed it over to Chase Bank. Today on 1/8/18, after I had been told I would receive a call back, I received the documentation through the mail that was submitted by Paypal for verification of the purchase. The following summary was attached: "This transaction is consistent with this customer's activity. The card; I/P; device; location; item/merchant category for this transaction is similar to those used in 36 transactions that the customer authorized in the past six months. This transaction is consistent with the activity in another account the customer owns. The card; I/P; location; item/merchant category for this transaction is similar to those used in 36 transactions that the customer authorized in the past six months" I called the customer service representative and they let me know that the claim had been denied again on 12/28/17. I let them know that I was supposed to receive a call back, and that I had just received information in the mail that is incorrect (Paypals Chargeback Response Form). I let them know that the information above is completely false and that I have not purchased any type of Lego (which is what this purchase was for) at anytime. I also explained that there has not been any type of purchase that is consistent and that there has not been 9 or 36 purchases at any point in time consistent to this purchase. I also let them know that there is not any type of other account that is owned. The chargeback response form also included the purchase, purchase date, amount, billing address, and IP. Everything was included, but the IP address. I let the representative know that if the IP was listed, it would prove that this purchase was fraudulent. I let them know that at the bottom of the letter it states that "Please review with the cardholder and proved an updated response if they are still disputing this transaction. Please proved signed cardholder letter stating the nature of the dispute or a completed fast track form to remedy chargeback. Thank you". When I asked the Chase representative how we complete this, they stated to me that we are 3 days over the time that Visa allows and that we will not be able to do anything. I do not understand how I received this false information that the denial from Chase came from based on a fraudulent purchase and I do not have any recourse. Several Chase bank representatives that I have spoken with stated that due to the fact that they have no recourse to recover the money from Paypal, that the claim denial is final. If you look at Exhibit 3B - Dispute Resolution Form - It was not filled out at all. I would like the IP addresses for the purchase to be investigated to prove that the purchase was fraudulent and my money returned.

I submitted this to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on 1/8/18, but all Chase did was say that the merchant provided proof and received another denial on 1/23/18. The merchants proof is fraudulent and did not even share the IP address of where the purchase took place. If this documentation was provided, it would prove that the purchase was fraudulent and that I should be refunded my money. This is a direct violation of the EFTA - Regulation E.

Jan 23, 2018

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