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On 05/15/2017, my husband went into the Chase branch location at De Zavala and I 10-5258 De Zavala Rd San Antonio, TX [protected] at 17:37 to make a deposit. He provided his paycheck to the bank teller, Alex (female), and the check was placed in his account. This morning, my husband attempts to log into the account online but is unable to do so. He calls and is told by Bobby (wouldn't give id#) that the account had been closed. My husband asked to speak with someone else above Bobby as this issue needs to get handled and money needs to be returned. Bobby didn't really seem to care about the situation much until my husband mentioned he would contact a different entity to resolve this issue.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TXAt this point, Bobby transfers my husband to the executive escalations team for assistance. We spoke with a woman named Barbara who was able to listen to the concern and get someone on the line to assist. She stayed on the line as my husband, herself and another bank rep were discussing options. The second rep on the line wanted to send check via mail and it would be received in 7-10 days; however, Barbara and my husband both advised her this was not an option. My husband was able to go back to the branch location that took his money the day before and received a cashier's check for the amount that should have been deposited. The bank rep, Alex, should have informed my husband that the account was going to be closed and given the option to keep the account open or let it close. This isn't the first incident with the financial institution but this is the most recent.

JP Morgan Chase

May 16, 2017
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