Joann's Fabric / inadequate sales staff, long wait in lines; poorly designed cutting stations;

Northridge, CA, United States

What has happened to Joann's? Interior floor plan changed; Cutting tables reduced in number and surface area reduced 75%; sales staff not given adequate tools or work area to provide adequate customer service, waited in two separate lines--total one hour to buy fabric and notions, and the store wasn't busy!!. Outrageous! Work spaces are sometimes designed to make it uncomfortable for customers in order to get them out fast, or in the case of customer service, to make it inconvenient. This was my impression of Joann's tonight. The employees work part time--the company doesn't pay benefits, the are not given the tools they need to perform their jobs--making customer service a low priority. Stood in line for over 30 minutes waiting to have fabric cut, and there were only two people ahead of me. They need to set up benches/chairs at the cutting station, or better, my advice is to take a number, then do your shopping. This will minimize your wait in line.

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