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The jewel on archer in garfield ridge is open 24 hours but none of the registers are open unless you ask. I do my shopping late at night because thats when i have time. I always ask for a regular lane because i buy a lot ... like $300-$400 a few times a week but tonight the girl was nowhere to be found the lines were around the corner and i started putting my groceries up in front of a manager who watched and said nothing. The girl who i have had problems with before comes running out shaking her finger at me telling me i have to move all my groceries including 9 cases of pop to register 2 instead of 1. I left i dont like being ignored yelled at and treated like garbage. The man buffing the floor also blocked the aisle i was in 3 times and left the machine there to talk to the lady washing the floor and i had to move it myself.

Jun 17, 2017
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  •   Jun 17, 2017

    There are so many things wrong here and all of them on you. The store is open but you have to ask for a lane because they are not going to pay someone to stand at a register and do nothing. The store is not busy enough at night to justify keeping someone on payroll to do so. The 'girl you have a problem with' is not a cashier, that is why she was not on the front end until they need her. Putting your groceries in front of a manager is not her fault. You took it on yourself to unload your basket at a register that was not available for use. You were trying to be an [censor] and show the manager standing there that you were the boss. You were showed that you were not. Your having to move your items is completely right. Next time, stop being self righteous treating employees like you are the king [censor] and you might get a better outcome. Or you could shop your $300-400 attitude during normal cashier business hours, which you know will be staffed because you said so at the start of your ridiculous rant.

    Why don't you tell them where you work so they can go be your customer. I am betting you would not like someone treating you like [censor] at your job.

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