Jewel-Osco / ignorant discipline to an employee on the sales floor

Oak Lawn, Illinois on 87th and Ridgeland, US

I was shopping, in the afternoon, during the week before Thanksgiving, when I heard yelling in an aisle. I proceeded to check it out and noticed a young lady getting yelled at, by what I appeared to be a manager. I thought the words he used were ignorant, rude and by any means shouldn't have been done on the sales floor. I went to the service desk to ask for the manager, so it was brought to their attention. I was surprised to find out that the manager who was called to help me, was indeed the person I saw yelling just earlier. In order to avoid a confrontation I just told him my question was answered before he arrived. I said thanks anyway and left the store.
I have worked a lot with managers and was one myself, for a period of time. I don't know how a "people person" could get away with speaking to an employee out in the open like that. Discipline needs to be done in an office, behind a closed door. I'm really now comfortable shopping here due to what I witnesses. I believe I will pass it on to my friends to. No one should have to deal with disciplinary action. It's not proper and should have been done in private.
I didn't get a name, but the manager was a Caucasian Male in his 40's, about 6ft tall if not taller, and medium build.

Nov 27, 2017

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