Jewel-Osco / degenerative visual evaluation by cashier and grocery bagger

I have shopped at Jewel Osco (store 3345) for 5 years. This store has a pleasant atmosphere accompanied with its great customer service. If I have family from out of town, coming in at Midway Airport, ask me where they can go to pick minor grocery items, I would suggest this store. I would tell them to take the Orange line train from Midway, and get off on Roosevelt. Go down the elevator and across the street, outside the terminal will be Jewel Osco.
On July 28, 2018, between 12:30 pm and 12:45 pm, while waiting for a card purchase for groceries to process, the grocery bagger told the cashier to look at me closely. He told the cashier I was an old man with a wig on my head. After the transaction processed, laughing uncontrollably, the cashier handed me the receipt. Meanwhile the grocery bagger shared his observation with the cashier to the west of the waiting lane I was in. This resulted in more laughter at a higher volume. While departing the store with my groceries, I tried, but could not help but to become upset. I am familiar with a few of the cashiers, baggers, and service desk employees. However, I have never seen the grocery bagger (young African American male with dreadlocks) whom was visually evaluating me, or the cashier who responded by laughter (Asia W.). I did not inform the supervisor that sits in the office behind the customer service desk of the incident because I do not know if the grocery bagger was always evaluating the customers and sharing his evaluations with the cashiers for the sake of recognition. I do not believe that one occurrence is a reason to shop at another store. Although the laughter from the grocery bagger's observation covered two grocery lanes, it was not enough to disturb the store. Nor was store security called.

Jul 29, 2018

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