Jewel-Osco / butcher lady

Chicago, IL, United States

I cometo the jewel Osco and do my grocery shopping all the time- I came in for a last minute run and I noticed the lady butcher putting paper covers on the meat/seafood. I needed some shrimp but I didn't want to be rude and ask her as I saw she was closing up. A man walks up to her at 916 and tells her if she can assist him and she says yes- so I went up there a minute later and asked her for some assistance as it seemed she was being helpful but it was only towards him because her response to me was she closed at 9pm. I watched the whole thing from when he went up to her so and when she told me no it was 917pm

It was funny because he even said to her "now a bunch of people are going to come up to you sorry"

I guess you pick and choose who you help - in this case I don't know what her reasoning was honestly. I'm a multi unit supervisor to several locations in my field and we constantly have lines and we never reject our customers even after The operational hours state we are closed IF we are still serving. I understand the area closes at 9pm but She should not serve anyone at 915pm if she is not willing to accommodate everyone that will come up to her- what makes his money more special than mine?

Oct 14, 2017

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