Jetstar / cancelled flight

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Our flight from Sydney to Honolulu was cancelled after standing in line for 3 hrs. Tired frustrated customers then had to be insulted by the Jetstar spokesman who simply kept reiterating that any costs involved in missed forward flights, accommodation etc were our fault if we had not taken out travel insurance – he likened it to hiring a car. I researched 5 different travel insurance providers and none would insure against an airline cancelling their own flight only against weather. Jetstar did not reply to my query as to whether our flight was cancelled due to engineering problems and if so why wasn’t another aircraft provided or due to an unfilled flight which several passengers had been told was the reason.
Jetstar did offer $60 vouchers with an expiry date of 6 months – I asked if these could be transferred or extended as we did not intend to travel in that period and of course the response was no.
The cancelled flight caused many passengers grief, in our case it set the stage for a nightmare 5 days of missed ongoing flights with huge rebooking fees (being Easter it was a nightmare getting seats on flights), missed hire car bookings, missed hotel and car hire, lost luggage meaning the same clothes for 5 days. Jetstar customer service analyst response “Section 9.1 of our Conditions of Carriage does state that flight times do not form part of your contract of carriage with us. This information is available on our website and you agreed to it when you made your booking. As such I'm unable to change my position with this matter.
Jetstar is not a “cheap” airline in fact there are times it is more expensive than Qantas and Virgin – we booked Jetstar because it fitted in with our dates. United Airlines and Delta Airlines were both involved in our 5 missed flights and both were amazingly helpful in getting us from Honolulu to New York and even changed our flight for the second time without charge – why can’t Jetstar treat its passengers with the same consideration.
Jetstar get into the real world and offer your customers service and if you mess up make it right, your customers should not have to be out of pocket by over $1, 000 for your mistake.

Jun 12, 2015

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