Jetstar Airways / jetstar flight 3k698

Feedback on flight 3K698 from Hongkong to Singapore due to take off on 28 Aug 2018 at 1515hrs.

At 1445hrs, I check in to flight and was stuffy and no aircon switched on and no information given by cabin crew. It was a hot and humid weather and there are many passengers on board the flight which is almost full pax.

To make things worst the flight was being delayed for another 45mins due to the announcement made by the flight crew.

It has caused inconvenience and hindrance to the trip back to Singapore and has not been smooth as I had plan all my trip and due to this had to made other necessary arrangements to it.

I hope the kind management can look into the matter and reply regarding this feedback as I had always been a frequent flyer with Jetstar.

Hope this unpleasant flight will not affect my decision on the next time when I want to book a flight with your airlines.

Hope to get a kind reply soon.

Jul 30, 2018

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