Jetstar Airways / baggage charge

Auckland, New Zealand

My daughter booked a round trip flight for the 3 of us from Sydney to Auckland and back to Sydney. We flew Qantas from Sydney to Auckland but were booked on Jetstar from Auckland to Sydney. I was charged $1, 105 for our 3 bags because my daughter did not realize she had to prepay for our bags when she booked the flights. I tried to negotiate with the Jetstar reps, explaining that it was a mistake on my daughter's part but they would do nothing. I wrote to the parent company, Qantas, and was advised that Qantas and Jetstar are separate companies. The matter was sent to Jetstar who responded that the charges are their policy. $1, 105 for 3 bags is outrageous and punitive, and for Qantas and Jetstar not to provide some sort of relief is unconscionable.

Jan 21, 2017

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