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Customer Relation Department,
Jet Airways.

Respected Sir / Madam,

Sub : Rude behavior & harassment faced at 9W counters at PAT airport.

With lots of reluctance and a heavy heart, I am writing this letter to you. I am working with Oman Air at Muscat International airport.
I had issued ZED fare ticket for my family from PAT – DEL on 16th-May thru MYIDTRAVEL.

As an airline staff, I am aware that we need to wait till the closure of counter if flights are full for the seat, but doesn’t expect unprofessional and rude behavior from the customer service staff at counter.
My wife with three children was supposed to travel PAT-DEL on 16th-May-17. And she already took chance and waited for flight 9W-728 and 9W-734/16-May, but could not be accepted on the flights due enough seats not available.

But I am surprised with the attitude of Mr. Shekhar who was at counter, after having an argument with my wife, who not only denied to accept my family but also yelled on my wife saying he will not accept them on the next flight also 9W-724/16th-May.
When asking for the Manager on duty he very rudely replied that I am the only main authority here and my name is Shekhar, go and do whatever you want to do against me, but I will not accept you the flight.

Though there were enough seats left on third flight 9W-724/16th-May. Capacity of the flight was 8/126 and final checked-in figure was only 95 in economy class. It is very shocking even with 31 seats left vacant in economy class, my family was not accepted on the flight.

Later Mr. Dilawar came and apologize and offered to travel on 9W-731/16th-May departing from PAT at 1645hrs and reaching DEL at 1825hrs. but they had and onward connection form DEL to MCT on AI-971/16th-May STD for which is 1920.
My wife refused to travel on same as unable to get AI flight from DEL.

My concern is, why my family was not accepted on flight 9W-724/16th-May, which departed with 31 seats vacant. Being an Customer Service Agent/officer doesn’t Mr. Shekhar should have this much of courtesy to be polite with staff passengers (Lady travelling with 1 infant & 2 small kids)
Only because of his personal ego and attitude, my wife could not travel and wasted whole day at the airport with 1 infant and 2 young kids. Any one can imagine what my wife could have gone thru.
It is very painful to accept this kind of attitude from an very reputed airline staff.

Expecting an positive feedback from your end.

Below are the ticket details for my family,
VCR number : [protected] / 30 / 31 / 32

With Regards…..

Jet Airways
Jet Airways

May 16, 2017

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