Jet Airways India / flight cancellation by jet airways

Na Feb 17, 2019

reservation code: ucugt m
issue date: 24 jan 19
ticket number: [protected]/73
invoice number: 2900330
issuing airline: klm royal dut ch airlines
issuing agent: air link t ravel 5200 finch ave, suite 115, toronto ont canada m1s 4z 4/ass
issuing agent location: scarborough on
iata number: [protected]

I travelled from Canada to Colombo on Jan 26, 2019 and my route was YYZ-AMS-BOM-CMB. When I arrived at BOM around 11:35pm on Jan 28, 2019 I approached the Jet Airways counter to connect the CMB flight where I have been told the flight to CMB was cancelled and asked me hand in the boarding pass and wait for hour and a half. After an 1:30 hour waiting when we questioned about the travel plan they rebooked to another flight which depart at 17:30 on Jan 28, 2019.
Since it was a long journey from YYZ to BOM and it was almost 17:00 hours wait on top of my previous travel from YYZ, I ask them to provide me a hotel accommodation. Jet airways staffs informed me that I need a visa to go out side of the airport and there is no hotel in the airport. Which is absolute lie. I found later from a passenger from the same flight there was a hotel in the airport where few other passengers pay their own and comfort themselves. During my entire waiting time at BOM I was in the airport no accommodation was provided. I believe this is not the general practice of KML.
Further when I have been issued with the rebooked boarding pass on which Jet airways staff hand written lite bite, Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and told that they made arrangement for food in the food court and I can go to any of the restaurant and show the boarding pass and have food. In order to get food They want me to go and report to the airport information desk they will guide us. When I entered into the security area and approached the airport information desk I have been told they dont deal with airlines issue and want me to contact Jet Airways personal where I have been advise that I can only have food at either KFC or Burger King restaurant and at that time Burger king restaurant was closed for cleaning and I left with only KFC for lite bite, breakfast, Lunch Dinner. The worst part is KFC restaurant advise us that I have only option of chicken burger or vegi burger with fries and a drink no water. I have medical concerns and should not eat those fatty foods. Further I carry only Canadian currency and when I want to buy other food or coffee or even water using Canadian currency I have been told that they only accept USD or Indian rupees which I dont had. I approach the money exchangers located in the airport they ask for visa to exchange the money.
It was a terrible travel experience I ever had in my life. Thanks to KLM.
Further Jet airways staffs were rude and ignorant. Because of passengers are desperate the supervisor (his name is Mr. Maneesh Sharma and the Duty Manager on site is Ms. Amitha Arakkal. She never showed up) advise his staffs not to talk anybody and just ignore them I believe KLM wont treat its customers in this manner and couple of other passenger record this conversation on their mobile phone to upload in the YouTube and other social media.

I collectively with other passengers had discussion with the day shift duty manager Mr. Karpreet Singh to issue a letter outlining the situation and he agrees to issue but he never showed up afterwards. However, after Jet airways start boarding the passengers on the plane some other Jet airways officials came with the letter and compensation package and offer to accept the 4, 000 Indian rupees or the letter. I decide to get the letter because of me choosing the letter Jet airways did not offer any monetary compensation. I is KLMs responsible to treat there customers respectfully.

I would like to urge Jet airways to look into this complaint and compensate me for the unpleasant treatment and hardship I went through during my travel via Jet airways.

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