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Jenn - Air, Whirlpool / customer service

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The glass top of my JES9800AA slide in electric range broke late April. I contact Jenn Air and was told the part only was under warranty. They told me I had to have the problem "diagnosed" . I paid $68 for a company to come out and tell me the top was broken. The tech ordered the part and scheduled the repair for May 7. May 6 the part had not arrive so I called the repair company. They referred me to Jenn Air. Jenn Air said they would forward my problem to another dept. and would get back with me in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I called back and was told the part was on back order until June 6. I asked for quicker response. Was told someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I called back. Was told the "Expedited Team" was still searching for a part. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Customer service rep said well, perhaps another supplier would have the part. Check back in 24-48 hours.
48 hrs later I call and still no part. Mind you, the range is less than 5 years old. I speak to the supervisor who forwards my request to the "exchange" dept.
On May 13th whirlpool calls and offers an exchange of a 2008 equivalent to my range. I agreed thinking I would get a range of equal or better quality. They said I had to pay $305. for the difference??? Which I did.
10 days later the range arrives. It does not fit into the same opening. Part of the counter needs removed. The installation company said Whirlpool makes them charge the customer for any additional costs ($120) or my husband could do it. My husband agreed - to my dismay. The range is sitting in the middle of my kitchen. I asked the installer to plug the range in to be sure it worked. The range "arc-ed" when it was plugged in - sparks flew.
He contacted Whirlpool who said they could send a tech out (NO) or replace it in 7-10 days.
I agreed on replacement but have since changed my mind. I just want my money back and have nothing further to do with Jennair, Maytag, Whirlpool. The customer service is horrible. The range the replaced mine with is inferior in quality.
I contacted customer service again and they tell me sorry, but since you agreed to the replacement we will not refund your money. For the past month my family has had to eat out more often than not (there's only so many meals you can microwave), I've missed work for the installation.
I asked the supervisor to speak to his supervisor and he told me no. Can you believe it! He said the line stops here. I asked him if he was the president of whirlpool and he said no. I asked for his supervisor's phone number so that I may proceed with my complaint and he said NO. I am contacting an attorney. Pray for me.
UPDATE: Today is June 12 and I still do not have a range nor a refund to go buy a new range. On May 23 the same representative (who is very nice by the way) from Whirlpool calls and offers me 70% of the purchase price of the original range and a refund of the $305 I had to pay for the “2008 replacement model” She said the credit to my debit card would be within a day or so and they would send me a check for the $1100 and that I would receive it within 7-10 business days.
7 business days later, I call her back and ask where my money is. She had no idea my debit card had not been credited yet and said that as soon as they receive the check, they will forward it to a local rep who will bring it to me when they pick up the new range that arc-ed. I told her the installers took the range with them when it broke. She said, well they will bring it when they pick up your original range. I told her they had taken that too! She had no idea…..
The next day my account was credited the $305. It has been 14 business days and I have yet to see my check.
I have never in my life experienced such lack of respect for your customer! It is going on 7 weeks since I have had a working range. We are not rich, nowhere near it. I have spent hundreds of dollars more than usual at the grocery because I have to buy convenience food, and we have to eat out more than most families – not fancy restaurants, but it all adds up. I am sure I have spent at least $500 more on food than I normally do because of Jenn-Aire’s poor customer service.
Someone please help!!! What am I to do now???? In addition, the $1100. they have offered me is not enough to buy a slide in, down draft range (which is what I had). So because they can’t meet their warranty, I have buy a lower quality range?
I want JennAire to pay for a slide in, downdraft range of my choice (within the same quality range) and to reimburse me for all the extra expense we have incurred because of them. $500 more out of your budget may not be much, but is to ours.
Can anyone help me?

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  • Ji
      18th of May, 2010
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    I have the gas version with a glass top. JGS9900BDS. In two years have been through three tops. Three replacement tops broke in shipping . Because my daughter in law dropped a top on the last one and it cracked on the edge, Jenn Air refused to replace it, Warranty now out and I am stuck. the product should never have been sold. Never had this problem with my previous elec rance with burners in the glass.

    Guess I need a lawyer.

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