Jeanie Coor State Farm Agency / violation of texas labor code

1502 Lubbock Hwy, Lamesa, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 806-872-9531

I resigned from this agency because I felt the agent was not conducting her business practices in an ethical manner. But I felt that it was my personal problem and not an issue enough to make an official complaint with State Farm. But because my resignation letter spelled this complaint out, the agent withheld my payroll for almost 3 pay periods. I researched the Texas Labor Law Sec. 61.014 and it states that if I voluntarily left the job then the employer must pay the wages by the next payroll date. She claimed she was holding my check hostage because I still had some CD's that were training materials. I also saw in the Texas Workforce Commission website that it is NOT legal to withhold paying an employee because of equipment not being returned. I went to her office 1 1/2 month later after trying to get my check to finally demand my check and conclude this nightmare and she made the wait a long drawn out issue and kicked me out of her office saying that I couldnt be on the premises since I was no longer an employee and that I didnt have business with her. I was not causing any type of disturbance and wasnt in the way in any manner. I DID have business with her, but I patiently left without arguing with her and agreed to return at a later time to pick up the check, finally. She had NO information on me. She never asked for a W9 form or an I-9 form during my short employment with her. She stated I wasnt even entered into the system. I do believe she NEVER meant to pay me and that there is a reason listed on the TEXAS labor code listing it as a felony in the third degree if I can prove that she didnt mean to pay me and only after my husband and I both made the demand did she finally begrudgingly cut me a check.

Feb 17, 2014

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