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This JD Byriders company and CNAC is a rip off. I got my car from them August 2016. Went there and see if I get approved. So filled up an application and Dan the car seller told me his waiting for approval and he stepped out at the room for a minute and the messenger pops up on his computer says "she's approved for $13000. Dan didn't know I saw the message. When he got back he said ok ur approved but didn't tell me how much he just let me choose a car. Since I know what's my approved I was trying to get a cheaper one cuz I don't want to get a $13000 car. But they wont let you they will try there best to max that approved. So not even a week my car had check engine light pops up after that my wheel bearing so I have to go back to their shop again to fix it. Went to pick up my car and told the service manager I'm going to drive and visit my friend like an 8 hours drive and I asked if the car is safe to drive. Since I feel like to many problems. And she said yes ur good to go. I took her words and drove to visit my friend who is sick. Drove for 2 hours and 30 mns. and stopped at gas station cuz I need it a gas after putting gas my car won't start and gas was leaking under my car. Check engine lights pops up and oil pressure lights. So I was stuck and called Jd BYRIDER and Dan told me to call the corporate which is CNAC. I ended up paying towing to the nereast JD Byrider's which is cost me 160$. Then I have to call my bf to drive 2 hours to pick me up. After they fix my car after a month I went to pick up my brother at Columbus airport Ohio which is an hour drive. On the way home my car was over heating. I called them again and they told me I have to bring my car to them and pay on my pocket the towing since they are 1 hour away from me. But I refused and argued with them. My car fixed by auto shop near me and they pay for the repaired. After a week another problem pops up, it's hard to put gas on my car. Every time I tried to put gas it kicks back so I have to stay at gas station atleast 20 or 30 mns. Patiently just to put gas. I called them but the Lima JD Byrider closed down. I'm glad they are closed. But still a lot of JD Byrider's there and same company. My advance don't ever ever buy a car at Jd Byrider's or finance at CNAC. I search online my car is only worth $6000 for good condition but this car is not even a good condition. So I owe Jd Byrider's/ CNAC $13000 plus interest $24000 for a s####y car. Never ever go to this place. I told them why they sale a s####y car but they told me that I have to understand that this is a used car and it will broke down and tell me that they are helping me to rebuild my credit. It's a bull**** they only care about ur money. This place is a rip off. I hope all Jd Byrider's close Down. DONT GO TO THIS PLACE it's a big regret for me. Driving my car everyday give me stress and paranoid that I might break down somewhere.

Jan 18, 2017

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