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I have a question and concern. I am not here to bad mouth that not what God want me to do. I just need some answers. 1. My car was repossessed because I was aweek late paying. Can they do that? 2. When I walked to J.D Byrider to get my car back, I asked what do I own? and how late was I ? I was told that I was a week late and that I own $164.00 for the car payment and $250.00 for the repossession fee. I did not have the $250 for the repossession fee, but I did have the money for the $164.00 for the car payment. I was told I could not get the car back because I do not have the repossession fee. So I had to let the car go because they(J.D Byrider /Cnac will not work anything out with me. they did not even call me and say Hi Stephanie lets make out a payment plan for you! Now they are taking me to court and saying that I have to pay for the car that they could not sale. If I can not afford $250.00 for the repossession fee. How can I pay $6, 000.00 for the car. If the judge makes me pay. I am not able to make the whole payment in lump sum. 1 will they J.D Byrider give me a payment plan? 2. will i be able to get the car back as I make payments Please some one give me a good answer I am willing to answer acceptable questions for help, They J.D Byrider/CNAC even hired their self a lawyer. Someone I can not afford. I just pray and put it in God'sd hands He has the answer and He will make a way for me.

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  • Ke
      Aug 19, 2009

    Why do you bother posting on a public site when you can't spell? You kept typing OWN instead of OWE... and that instead of that's. ###ed...

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  • Jk
      Dec 03, 2012

    BEWARE JD BY RIDER CNAC / THERE SHOULD BE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE CROOKS AND I AM CALLING AND ATTORNEY TODAY. BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE A DECENT DOWN PAYMENT GO TO A REPUTABLE DEALER AND DEAL WITH THEM LAY ALL YOU WORK PAPERS, RECORDS, DEED OR LEASE AND WHATEVER THEY ASK FOR. TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR FEARS OF CNAC. I AN GOING TO TRADE MY CAR IN SOON HOPEFULLY I WILL GET A NEW CAR . i live in balt . md. i bought my car in glen burnie md. i was put through a hassle for a car with 80, 000 miles on it. you have to have 12 refs, they video tape everything right there i should have told them to shove it. the paper work is more than a house closing i had 3 they were not as long. after all is said and done it took all day they had to call all 12 refs while i was there. after all the taping ect. i pay a $1500.00 down dep which broke me. we went ouside and they drove out a 2002 hyundai acceny it did not have a spot on it that wasnt dented the paint was mostly all off it had gray ptomer on it. my husband refused to drive the car the finance guy cam out and said let me see what i can do to help you out with a different car. immediately a guy drove out an ok looking 2004 hyundai elantra.. my husband drove it it wasnt to bad. so we figured we better take it my husband needed it for work . BIG SURPRISED THEY WANTED $1200.00 MORE DOWN. A TOTAL OF $2700.00 . WE DID NOT HAVE THE CASH TILL NEXT PAYDAY WHICH WAS 4 DAYS. SO THE FINANCE GUY SAID OK . COULDNT LEAVE TILL I RESIGNED ALL THE PAPERS AGAIN. THE NEXT DAY THEY CALL ME. THEY COMPLETELY PUT THE WRONG ADDRESS ON EVERYTHING. THEREFORE WHEN I PAID THEM THE BAL OF MY DEP. I HAD TO RESIGNED ALL AGAIN. NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL I DEAL WITH THESE IDIOTS. have had my car almost 3 years, one month i was 1 day late with my, my payment is usually $352.00 i got away with paying $244.00 weird thing i was told i was over paying they never told me how long i over paid, as far as i know my payment was $352.00 no one ever told me any my husband has cancer i cant pay my payment for a week. i have been harrassed so much in my life. this young black girl who handles my accountis so nasty. her superviser is worse and the so called credit board a one man manager is an family and friends who are refs got mad at me because theses ### were always calling asking where i lived and worked i have worked my same jor for over 11 years and lived in my home since before i boughr rhe car i am afraid to call it my car in fare someday i will wake up and it will be gone. i complained to the better bus bur i never got a response from the bureau and never got any more harrasing phone calls. they will call you evey few months to try to update refs. THINK GOOD BEFORE YOU DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS I PAID OVER $18, 000.00 FOR A BOOK VALUE OF $ 5500.00 PLUS INTEREST BE WISE GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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  • Ma
      Nov 08, 2017

    @JKCB What does it matter the color of her skin...that's what you get.. Hahahaha it sucks to be you white lady must be slow, stupid, and [censor] to pay that amount for a old car...hahahaha..You big dummy

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  • Us
      Aug 21, 2018

    @Marijuana The skin color cones with a mother [censored]ing [censored] ass ghetto attitude tiu lame [censored]

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  • Sh
      Jan 25, 2014

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  • Je
      Jul 03, 2017

    Same situation. Now I have a repo on a car that was wrecked but had their insurance.

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  • Ta
      Jan 14, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    The negative comments are unneeded by the people who just wanna poke fun of and kick people while there down those people making the negative comments are ones who probably can't even afford to buy a pack of gum and pick on those who are truely struggling to make them selves feel better. Jd byrider and cnac are crooks my wife dealt with them and when she would contact them over the phone they would always talk to her in a hostile manner and we're very rude to her I refuse to advise anyone to go to them for a vehicle it's not worth the trouble they cause you your there system is desinged to make you fall behind and not able to get caught up worst finance company ever and they will be reported for there actions to there customers.

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  • Og
      Oct 14, 2018

    I hope you find a ride soon. It's unfortunate that happened stay positive & keep your head up.

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  • Bl
      Nov 13, 2018

    Ever been a victim of JD Byrider's predatory lending practices, deceptive contracts &/or crooked warranty programs, and want a resolution to the heartache they caused? Here's what I would do in this situation.

    1.) Get enough angry customers together who are tired of being taken advantage of & open up a class action lawsuit against JD Byrider.

    - The more participants involved with the suit, that more powerful of a force the group will be & the harder it will be for the company to fight it in court. In fact, the higher the number of participants, the more likely they are to settle without going to court.

    2.) Start a petition! Want to see JD Byrider get investigated & shut down by the federal government, for fraudulent business practices.

    - Again, as with a class action lawsuit, the higher the number of signatures received, the more successful the petition will be in the fight against this heartless, soulless company. The members of the group can even start a petition to get their money back, if they feel that they have been taken advantage of.

    3.) Consult a lawyer who deals with corrupt predatory lenders, such as buy here, pay here used car dealers, like JD Byrider.

    - Victims of predatory lenders should always consult a licensed attorney in their state, with any concerns they may have regarding situations like this, where they feel that they have been defrauded by a company, or a lender who has violated their rights.

    *Notice! I am not an attorney, the suggestions I have provided above, should not be interpreted as "legal advice". Instead, I am publicly stating that actions I would take in this case, as if I were the victim.

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