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Russ Darrow/ JD Byrider/ CNACdeceptive practices!

C Review updated:

I would not do business with Russ Darrow ever. First of all, my dealings started with Russ Darrow when I saw the commercials that guaranteed if you made a if you had $99 down they would finance a new car for you regardless of credit. I guess there is a disclaimer that flashes that states you may have to pay more. I'm not sure how they can guarantee financing with $99 down and then put up a disclaimer that says the opposite. Just your normal deceptive practice from Russ Darrow. It's just another way to get you in the door. So I tried to get approved ahead of time and they made me come in only to try to send me to JDByrider. What they won't tell you is Russ Darrow owns the JDByrider as well as CNAC the finance company that finances for JDByrider. We'll get into CNAC later.

Anyway, being angry at the deceptive ad I left and went home. I then called a different Russ Darrow dealership and asked specifically about the ad. Again they asked me to come in (a 40 mile trip by the way). I told them about my prior experience and told them I wouldn't come down unless they ran my credit and told me whether I could be approved before I came. He took all my information (income, SSN, etc.) and called me back and said they could help me. So I got in my car and drove the hour to get there so I could sit there for over an hour and be told they couldn't help me and I should go to JD Byrider. At that point I was really pissed and decided to go to Byrider because my other car had broken down and I needed a car right away. If I had known they were owned by the same person I would never have went.

Ok, so now for JDByrider... worst place ever!!! First of all, they will sit you down and go over your credit like your some kind of criminal. Bright light and all! Now it's understandable that they need to be careful because they people who buy cars from them but since your gonna rape us over price and financing you may as well be nice to us. They should be buying people movie and a dinner as hard as they are screwing people. Don't even try to compare what they are charging you for the car to blue book price. That just angers them. As soon as I mentioned the blue book price the finance person basically stated that the cars are priced higher than what they are worth because people with bad credit have no other option. In a way, I guess he's right. I needed a car that night and they were my only option. Come to find out they were way overcharging for the car. But what can i say, needed a car right away.

Now let's talk about CNAC... these people are worse than any debt collector you have ever faced. First of all, they set up my payments to be paid on the week before my payday. I called and they agreed to set up the payments to be paid a week later which was when I got paid. This was fine, except that every damn week I would get phone calls asking when I would pay. Not only would they call me but they would call everyone on the list of references that I gave them for when I applied for financing. I guess they weren't intelligent enough to put a note in my account or if there was one they weren't intelligent enough to read it. I finally had to threaten to drive the car to them and leave it before they figured out how to stop harassing me and my friends or family. And if do have any difficulty making a payment they will threaten to ruin your credit and sue you for twice what you owe on the vehicle. And we're not talking months late, we're talking a couple weeks late.

So why do I write this. Because today I spoke to the ignorant people at CNAC again. I have 5 payments left. Sonia, who is an account manager, stated that each time I paid late because of the difference in my payday and the due date it was costing $45 extra every paycheck. I explained that that wasn't possible because my contract specifically stated there were no late fees. She stated that the extra was due to interest. Again I explained thats not possible. She basically stated I paid twice the interest on the principle for that 7 day period. I guess the basic principles of accounting were missing in her training, because I tried to explain to her that although I accrue more interest because the principle hasn't decreased, that does not mean I get charged interest twice on the principal. She then put another manager idiot named Kathy who also was lacking in any basic accounting skills. But it was Kathy who angered me the most when she told me that I would be back to buy another car from them. Which I definitely will not. I did check my balance and I will have to make one extra payment of @ $120. Which is what I expected.

I write this because I have seen many other people who have had the same experience with Russ Darrow, JD Byrider, and CNAC. If one person reads this and decides not to buy a car from them my job is done. Do yourself a favor, if your credit is really bad try going to one of these smaller dealerships that do in house financing. You'll probably get a better car, a better deal, and you'll be treated much better.


  • Be
    Bernice Scott Jan 05, 2019
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    CNAC and jdbyrider are both scammers. And They suck!!!

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Henson Sep 10, 2018
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    Service has had my car 10 times for the same problem and continues to cost me money I've had my car since april2017 tonight I went to pick it up only to find out my keys have been lost

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  • Pa
    Paige c May 08, 2018

    I’m about three years in with my car from jd byrider and it has been a great car. I love the car, hate the company. They’re never to be found if there’s an issue but when they need to contact you, it’s boarderline harrassment. boyfriend got a speeding ticket the other day and so I called to get proof of insurance. I pay $36 every two weeks for what I thought was insurance. I was told I had to have that before driving off the lot. Today I found out it was just collateral insurance for if I default on the loan or I wreck my car, to cover their end. So I basically haven’t had insurance this entire time. I’m beyond pissed. By law I’m reading if the loan is paid off they must return that collateral. Something tells me they won’t.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Lynn Owen Mar 15, 2018
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    I heard JD Byrider no longer exists.. who bought the contracts? I returned a van in 2012, they say i owe 8, 006.00 dollars, Now they want to seize my home which im selling valued at 145, 000. they claim they put a lien on my deed to my house. how can they do this? deville asset management is trying to collect

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  • Ki
    Kim Tenner May 28, 2017
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    I'm filing an harassment complaint against CNAC Brookfield, WI. Their account managers are calling my sister, first of all I never gave them her number!! Second, they have a number to reach me about payments. However, I spoke with my account representative, Charlotte Wilson, [protected], ext. 2139, I asked her to remove my sister's number from their call list, I explained to her, how did they get her number? I never ever gave them permission to contact her. Charlotte told me she would have it removed, she never stated how they have her number. Here we go again, this morning my sister called to tell me a lady from CNAC is calling trying to get in touch with me. I called Charlotte Wilson this morning, left a voice mail to let her know to once again remove my sisters number from their CONTACT LIST!! Yes, I'm using bold letters, because this will be the 2nd time, I have requested to stop calling my sister!! I am not happy with CNAC, I'm really sorry I financed my vehicle with CNAC. The nerve of them to take it upon themselves to contact my family member. Account representative name Jeff, not sure of his location South 27th Street, Brookfield or Madison, he has the nerve to suggest, I reach out to my family to make this missed payment!! The nerve of this annoying guy!! Great news!! My car will be paid in full very soon, I can say gladly say, Good Bye and Good riddance CNAC!! I will never, never, ever, ever finance with this company EVER again!! I advise and encourage anyone else not to!!
    Date of incident: 052817, 051317

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  • On
    onewomanwlfpak Dec 13, 2016

    I think most of you are mistaken. JD and Cnac are two different companies. They are not a buy here pay here. JD charges more for the cars to profit like any dealer, in fact most cars are not much more than BB value. Also their warranty which does cover the engine, drive train, and transmission (not rentals or other small stuff like typical warranties, ) is included in the cost of the car. Most dealers will charge an additional 3-4k for a similar warranty. The finance company, CNAC is who charges the interest that can vary now as low as 14% I believe. The reason CNAC charges so much for interest is because they are a subprime lender. If they gave all credit stellar rates, then the company would just have to go bankrupt because of repeat offenders. Like any other used car dealer, you're buying a used car. Things are likely to happen. If you want to be prepared if your car breaks down and need a rental, then get AAA, a plan on your insurance, etc., The program does help build your credit if you use it properly, but you have to have a little bit of common sense...

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  • Ri
    RichieH Dec 31, 2015

    Just a note ..(positive) I'm a normal person with bad credit .. I had no choice but to go with JD ( Madison WI). . I just bought my 2nd car from them last night ... no choice really. I have dealt with car dealers for 30 years, with good credit. Yes .. they charge you 14k for a 6k car. yes 22% interest, pick your car wisely, follow the rules on payments. As for the warranty... My first car I bought has had a few problems, but the head mechanic is great. In and out for the $25 dollar copay on the Warranty. One repair was not covered .. and it was well within what I expected to pay. I have even had a few items fixed for no charge that they could have charged for. Free Oil changes for a year, 20 bucks after the year. I am not happy having to pay that much for a used car, but when you have no choice, deal with it. I am happy with the service.. I know I have bad credit .. and I can say everyone was very nice to me. not saying you wont have issues but I have not.

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  • Ju
    Justin Othaguy Dec 13, 2014

    To be fair...

    When you view your glass as half full you see the benefits of the JD Byrider experience. You can have less than good credit and receive the opportunity to own a newer used car. You receive the opportunity to build your less than good credit with an affordable loan based on the information you've provided at the time of purchase. The car you are receiving has a better service guarantee and has had more money invested into the repairs of that vehicle prior to sale than most used car dealerships offer. Yes the price is higher but you are getting something for it.

    When you view your glass as half empty you see the negatives of the JD Byrider experience. You haven't been treated fairly or were duped into something. You missed payments for whatever reason and instead of taking care of it right away with a phone call or visit you let it lapse or make a crazy ranting complaint or phone call. You forget calm rationality can solve almost an issue.
    Or you have real problems with your used car and instead of remembering its a used car, you storm in or call complaining about how you think your used car was a new car and should be trouble free...oh yeah, i remember now...used cars and new cars are different...ones new and costs more.

    Or you can view your glass with reality...and remember...your glass has been twice as big as it needs to be all have the control...fill it all the way...or don't complain when you haven't.

    That is all

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  • Ja
    Jacques43 Dec 02, 2014


    I was never a customer with JD Byrider, however someone I know purchased a vehicle from them. Whenever she was late with her payments I received repeated phone calls from JD Byrider’s employees. Sometimes I received up to five calls in one day. When I asked, why were they repeatedly calling me? I was told “you are listed as a reference”. I informed the employee that I had nothing to do with the loan and asked that I be removed from their contact list. The employee grew hostile and informed me that because I was used as a reference, JD Byrider had a legal right to contact me. She even threatened to have JD Byrider’s employees show up at my door everyday if they chose to do. So, because the party (JD Byrider’s customer) listed me as a reference (not a co-signer) they have the legal right as a debt collection agency to come to my home as long as the debt remains unpaid. She also told me that if I talked nicely to her she might remove my phone number from their contact list. I hung up the phone and blocked all of JD Byrider's phone numbers so that they would not be able harass me further.

    I've since launched an investigation of JD Byrider and I am appalled to learn that they have over 300 complaints listed on message boards across the Internet. While understanding message board complaints only inform consumers to be wary of businesses, they do not protect the rights of consumers who are preyed on by companies such as JD Byrider. Poor consumers and consumers with less than perfect credit do have legal rights and should not allow themselves to be intimidated and victimized by loan shark companies such as JD Byrider.

    In this instance, JD Byrider has made the wrong harassing phone call and has threatened the wrong person. I am well aware of the laws and legal rights of consumers. As such, after being repeatedly harassed, I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, my State Congressman, State senator, State's Attorney General and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As a result, I have since received confirmation from all of these entities that they are currently investigating my complaint. Additionally, I wrote a letter to the ACLU and the NAACP requesting an investigation into the practices of JD Byrider as it pertains to race. Based on my experience with the ignorance and tactics of JD Byrider’s employees, there's bound to be gross consumer, human and civil rights violations.

    Consumers or individuals listed as references who are currently or have been repeatedly harassed by JD Byrider’s employees in the past should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, your State and County Attorney General, your State Congressman, State Senator and Richard Cordray of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

    Pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFPB has the authority to take action against institutions and/or individuals who engage in unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices or who otherwise violate federal consumer financial laws.

    Richard Cordray of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined DriveTime, one of the biggest used auto companies who prey on the poor and on people who have bad credit. The fine resulted in an 8 million dollar settlement against DriveTime. JD Byrider uses the very same tactics and consequently the same violations are potentially being committed. It's possible that CFPB’s investigation of JD Byrider will have a similar outcome as did DriveTime.

    Per Richard Cordray: “Consumers who purchase a car at a buy-here, pay-here dealer deserve to be treated fairly”, DriveTime harassed and harmed countless consumers, many of whom were economically vulnerable.

    You should also contact a good consumer law attorney and have him/her look over the contract you signed with JD Byrider as it is possible they may have violated Consumer Protection Regulation “Z” and other consumer contract statutes.

    What is Regulation Z? It is a specific Federal Reserve Board regulation that requires debt lenders to disclose all the specifics of a given loan. This was done to promote a level of credit protection for the underlying consumer.

    To file your complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau please write:

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Attn: Richard Cordray
    Consumer Financial Protection BureauP.O. Box 4503
    Iowa City, Iowa 52244
    Or send your letter by Fax [protected]
    See the link below regarding the DriveTime settlement.

    Best Regards.

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  • Di
    disgusted14 Nov 28, 2014

    Here's the thing it shouldn't matter what your credit is to people who have not gotten a vehicle from them or had to deal with CNAC .No one should ever have to go threw the disrespect the rudeness nor harassment they put people threw yes people with bad creditshould have to pay a little more everyone gets that and agrees but no one knows what happens in someone's life things happen that you have no control over when they tell you they don't care if your on your death bed you need to have that payment in now come on that is just very cold and heartless I've never known of any place or Bill collector to treat people that way

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  • Ka
    Kathy from CNAC May 13, 2014

    As the so called idiot Kathy that the original person cited in her letter I which to explain that she is the ignorant one. It is simple and basic accounting and financial practice with any loan that you have that if you do indeed make your payment not on the scheduled date you in fact do accrue additional interest again because you did not reduce the principle balance as arranged in your financial contract. Had the original person had the business sense in the first place they would not have had to purchase a vehicle from any buy-here-pay here dealership. Their lack of financial knowledge cost them their good credit making it impossible for any financial institution to give them a loan in the first place. They should in turn be thankful that JD Byrider and CNAC Financial gave them the opportunity to improve their credit which in turn makes it possible for them in the future to obtain a standard bank loan.

    As for the bashing of my financial knowledge let me just state that I no longer work for CNAC Financial because I have left the company to become a successful business person myself. I am proud of the 7+ years that I spent at JD Byrider helping people improve their financial situations so that they could get ahead in life, unlike some of the people who continue to bash CNAC Financial for their continued financial difficulties because they chose to make late payments or no payments at all.

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  • Be
    bebie Dec 02, 2013

    I never dealt with JD or CNAC but what I can tell you is that the whole Russ Darrow Group is a crock of crap. They don't care about you or your situation...ALL they want is your MONEY! I live in MIchigan and was interested in a car on their website and so we met in Green Bay (the dealer was near Milwaukee) and I left with the car. It desperately needed an alignment which they denied, of course. Many hours spent on the phone or leaving messages for these people who do NOT call you back. Specifically their used care sales manager Gary, who was also a jerk, avoided any call I made to him for almost three days until he had the service manager call me and explain to me why he didn't think it needed an alignment from six hours away. This is a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad company, just don't buy anything from them or any dealer associated with them!

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  • Ga
    GAgirlie Oct 01, 2013

    I've never had an issue with JD Byrider or CNAC...I actually enjoyed working with them. But then again, I pay my bill on time, every time.

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  • Th
    ThatJenGirl Aug 22, 2013

    I am just going to put this in a nutshell...I had the SAME problem with JD Byrider! If I could take it all back I would! I signed a three-year contract in which my vehicle would be paid off...WRONG. It went over three years - and I was paying more than the payment each month. I was stuck with $330/month car payments - RIDICULOUS. I got a 2003 Dodge Status. The original buying price was just under $10, 000 - by the time I was done paying it off, I was looking at $16, 000+. The car worked driving it off the lot, but the next day it stalled in the middle of the busiest road in Appleton. I've had nothing but problems with the car. Of course, Lemon Law does not apply to the vehicle! To date, we have invested over $9, 000+ in repairs. Every 3 months like clock work, the Idle Positioning Censor goes out. I would rather WALK everywhere than go to JD Byrider again. I got so sick of them I refinanced though my bank. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO IT! You don't have to deal with CNAC or JD ever, ever again. JD was pissed when I refinanced because they lose interest. My bank interest was only a couple dollars per time...not bad at all!

    My biggest advice to all who have been suckered into this company...REFINANCE THROUGH YOUR BANK ASAP! For those who are looking to buy a car - AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!

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  • Fr
    fradtic Jun 27, 2013

    I purchased a car in may 2012 i have never been late on any payment the car was in a no fault accident I did not take the car at a total loss insurance cut me a check i had to get a new car if i payed cnac i would have not be able to make back in forth to work long story short i call cnac to have them take the car back as i can not make payments on the car, the car was a grand am 04 with 107 thousand miles on the car they are charging me 12958 for this vehicle the Kelly blue book is under 4500 so since i did not send them the check from the insurance they are charging me the full balance ??? if i still make lower payment then what we agreed on due at signing I'm thinking give a 100 dollars a month can they still sue me

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  • Ap
    apps44cal Aug 02, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I guess you're saying that because my husband was away serving the country in Afghanistan and I was naive about buying my first car alone that I deserved to get ripped off by JD Byrider?

    obviously because not everyone who goes to JD Byriders does it because they have horrible credit and don't work and sit on their butts all day eating bon bons. But no, actually I was able to refinance for 10% interest from Navy Federal Credit Union opposed to JD Byrider's 21%.
    Unfortunately I was young and stupid and knew nothing about interest and that a 2005 Chrysler Sebring did not cost $18000 (with interest.) That's highway robbery I don't care who you are or how great your credit is.
    The only blame we have is on ourselves for being eager to get a car and stupid for not actually listening to the facts and the contract because they know they're going to walk away with their car when it's over. So to a certain extent the consumers are to blame, but nobody can deny these sub-prime mortgage lenders are doing absolutely nothing to repair anyone's credit!
    You go into it knowing you're going to rip us off, and we go in there knowing we're getting ripped off (usually afterwards!)
    However that doesn't make it ethical. These people have bad credit history, so you give them a huge payment to make not once a month but every two weeks? You already know they're not going to be on time every time! All companies have at least a day or two of a grace period. You just want them to hurry up and default already so you can further ruin their credit and auction off the car and sell it some other unsuspecting soul. Sick.
    And the sickest part is we're allowing it to happen. We all need to be responsible and look out for ourselves these days.
    You look around at places like this and wonder what happened to integrity.
    If they wanted to help people with bad credit they wouldn't be selling them cars for double what they're worth with interest. That's not HELPING. If you want to help, be fair. Or call it what it really is.

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  • Th
    THE PIMPTRESS Jul 31, 2012
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    Verified customer


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  • Ga
    gales Apr 28, 2012

    I just recently got a car from Jr byrider and I've had to take my car to the shop 5 times already. I only had the car 3 months!! I hate that I got a car from there I have to take my car in again but my appointment is 2 weeks away!! Like seriously...I have to get back and forth to work so now I have to rent a car at my own cost I know I only had the car a short while but can I refinance some where else?!? CNAC sucks as well they threatened to come take my car for being 1 day late and they were rude..
    after this is done never again will I go through them

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  • Li
    likes2sing Mar 23, 2012

    I did by a car from JD Byrider, and it was an annoying 3 year car loan. Also I did pay a lot more for the vehicle than what the blue book value was. But despite all that, I was happy with them. The car lasted much longer than the loan, and didn't break down. Also although I might have missed a payment here or there, they never had a bad attitude, or were disrespectful, or threatened to take the car away. I probably never missed more than one payment, and generally I paid on time or early. As for the "smaller dealerships that do in house financing, " I think that's kind of a fantasy. If you're referring to a place like Capitol One Auto Credit or some other place, well they would probably be a lot like JD Byrider. If there are other dealers that had in house financing for people with poor credit, and didn't gouge the price on the car, you should mention their name. Otherwise its kind of like claiming you saw a unicorn.

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  • Pi
    PissedOffCamper Nov 29, 2011

    Oh dear, I wish I had done more research. I am now in an awful situation with CNAC from JD Byrider. My husband's job changed and so his direct deposit didn't go in as planned. I called to cancel and still made the payment, just used a prepaid visa since I am now 5 hours from the nearest branch of that bank and couldn't physically go put the money in it. Well, they told me they were able to stop the payment, then called the next day and said they were not. No big deal, it still got paid and they even refunded me back the money that over-drafted (my bank paid it anyhow but again couldn't put the money in it). So then when my next payment came due, I called to make sure it was being automatically withdrawn and informed them that the direct deposit was now in effect and there would be no issue. I was at this time told no, I didn't owe a payment that date that it was showing I was current. Their system still showed the double payment and not that they refunded me the money, of course neither of us were aware that that was what was being shown on their system, especially since I can't see it. So today I get a call saying I'm a payment late. Their system updated and showed that the payment due two weeks ago that I was told I did not owe was in fact owed. This is when we discovered the error in their system. So now they want me to make a payment and a half or double payment. Not possible, the whole point of their meticulous financial analysis is to see what one can afford, we are at the max of that and cannot in anyway overcompensate for the error. I am now waiting to find out what their solution is but am ready to take it and park it back on their lot. Because in addition to this, I've had it in for repairs twice, the second time was due to water POURING in the back near the dome light. Took it in for service and they fixed it, but damaged my whole rear panel that attaches to the hatchback door of my van and the cloth on my ceiling. Now my service engine light is on, so I stopped by the auto shop and had my codes read. I need a pressure celanoid for my transmission, new wheel bearings, an O2 sensor and there is an issue with the anti-theft system and they want me to drive it over 300 miles like that with 3 small children. They may be getting this piece of junk back and since my credit obviously wasn't stellar to begin with it can't do any more damage.

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  • Ru
    Russ Darrow Sep 29, 2011

    We are very sorry to hear this please contact me at [email protected] to allow me to assist in anyway possible. We value ALL OF OUR customers and will go above and beyond to help

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  • Ra
    Ration Mar 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I simply called JD Byrider for some info and said I would probably come out that weekend to see about getting a car. When I didn't show they started harrasing me over the phone, and a week later they called saying they were going to sue me for "Non purchase of property" and that calling was a verbal contract agreeing to buy a car. This is such [censor], JD Byrider is the anti-christ.

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  • Rl
    Rl_very young Jan 31, 2011

    Hi, I bought a car from them 6 months ago and everything said is true! I've been to Jdbyrider shop more than 4 times, my car has stopped on me 3 times and Ive been with out my car for about a week and a half! They call my phone multiple times about the payment but I'm very nice and always pay on time or when I say I will. I'm a very patient person but I'm at my last straw and I'm tired! Their interest fees are too much! I pay $340 a Month and only $150 go fowards my balance! That's crazy! I learned my lesson and hope as soon as I pay this off my credit will be better! This was one of the first things on my I hope it will work! Please if u really need a about 3, 000 and then go get a car! don't go to them!

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  • Hr
    hreinhold Oct 26, 2010

    I go through the same thing with CNAC. I bought a car through them, the 2nd week I had the car, the transmission went out! They wanted me to pay for a rental car, I just got the car!!! Then it took them 2 weeks to fix the car. Now I have been laid off of work and asked if they could change my payment dates so I could pay 4 days later than usual. They refuse! Now they call me and threaten me every time I am late. I can't help that I was laid off. I still pay every payment, just 4 days late. It is due on Saturday and I pay on Wednesday. They screamed at me on the phone and said there is no excuse to be late, and they don't care how I get the money, but they better recieve it or they will take my car. They cussed at me on the phone and everything! These people are [censor]s, who act like they are so much better than everyone else!

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  • Cd
    CDUBS69 Dec 17, 2009

    JRthecarguy obviously works for either JDByrider, Russ Darrow, or CNAC. I've known people who have gone to JD Byrider and I can tell you, I haven't met one who was satisfied, much less 95%.

    A person with bad credit is obviously subject to higher interest, but that does not mean people should be harrassed or treated badly. Also, dealers, or anyone, who takes advantage of people with poor credit and charges higher prices because they know they have a customer who has no other choice is simply without morals. You are right people with poor credit should pay more, but that additional cost should and does come through higher interest rates. Gouging customers simply because you can is simply wrong and greedy.

    And before you listen to JRthecarguy about the "warranty" do an internet search and you'll find people who have found it impossible to get JDByrider to live up to their warranty.

    And, I think there should be something that requires that the dealer disclose that the finance company and the dealer is actually owned by the same company. It seems a little fishy that they seem to hide the relationship between Russ Darrow, JDByrider, and CNAC.

    My suggestion for you is this: rather than go to JDByrider where you know they will rip you off; go to some of the smaller independant used car dealers that offer in house financing and see if they can help you. You will find that many of them will take your downpayment and work with you to buy a car that you would have to pay twice as much to buy at JD Byrider. Personally, I won't even go to Russ Darrow dealerships for a new car (and I have credit that I can) because of their deceptive practices with JDByrider and CNAC.

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  • Jr
    JRthecarguy Sep 10, 2009

    its called second chance financing! your over 18 yrs old and adult you understand you signed a legal contract to pay back at the interest rate you signed for and there is no late payments. Yes that means one dollar late they can pick up the collateral of the loan if they fear the property the car is in danger. 95% customer satisfaction. you 5% are upset because someone showed you a blue book. If you have cash or have excellent credit you can go to a dealership and haggle price and show your blue book. By the way no one has mentioned the 2 year warranty! excuse me 2 year free warranty! the vehicles also get checked out and have an average of 1000 spent on them to keep them running in good shape for the 2 year warranty and after that half price labor fees and no extra add on on parts. 5.00 dollar oil changes. when you do not answer your phone or a message to return a call, the collectors have a legal right to call your references and leave a message for you. Pay your loan on time and answer your messages. When your credit improves go buy a new car and pay for 5 to 6 years at 6 to 10% interest. And enjoy a manufactures warranty!

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  • No
    notjustacarpenter Apr 14, 2009

    I can't believe Sunrays comment -thats like saying sorry your poor, get rich so you won't have to deal with that stuff, no ### ###, JDByrider is the ### of the earth and if for one second you dropped your guard thinking this company was going to help you, you'ld be just a s pissed. CNAC is the most un-respectful co. out there taking advantage of the references people give to buy a car and then harrassing them when someone is a day Late-A DAY LATE.and jdbyrider is the biggest scam going! 25%interestcars twice what there worth.

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  • Ke
    Keisha Apr 10, 2009

    I truly regret purchasing a car form JD Byrider. I have paid my car payment for the past year, always over paying by a few dollars. I recently I was admitted to the hospital so I dropped off a partial payment short $32.00 and requested the amount ($32.00) be added to my next payment (2 weeks later). They told me no and said if I didn't get the 32.00 in they would come and get my car until I was able to bring my account current. I understand the economy is tough and the auto industry is having a tough time but for a consistant paying customer not to be given the opportunity to add 32.00 to the next weeks payment is a bit ridiculous to me! They didn't care that I recently got released from the hospital, I am currently not 100% well, the collector was very rude and disrespectful, and even though they have all of my contact information and have spoken to me directly they call my mom to ask her to contact me even though they have already spoken to me. I can't wait until this care is paid off so I won't have to deal with them any longer!

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  • Li
    Lilly Feb 19, 2009

    These people at CNAC have been harassing me for MONTHS because my friend must have put me on a reference list. They call my cell phone like once or twice a week and tell me to tell her to call them, and I hardly even talk to her anymore and we live in different parts of the state. I'm not sure how to complain to them about this. Any ideas???

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  • Al
    Alb69 Oct 28, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Lilly Block the #

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  • J
    J Aug 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I completely agree with you! I recently bought a car there, and i truely regret it. It has been the worst decision I have ever made. I paid $11, 000 for the car, 5 months ago. I looked up Blue Book, its worth barely $5, 000! My entire purpose for going there was because I needed a car ASAP. I'm a single mom, and work full time, I need a way to get there! I would never recommend anyone and hope that someday someone will stop them from taking adavantage of people!

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  • Su
    sunray Aug 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sounds like you need to improve your credit! By doing this you will avoid any frusterations in making major purchases and will be treated with more respect. There are many financial resources available on the web that assist and counsel individuals to improve credit scores.

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