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I hate JD ByRyder!!! I did not have good credit and I knew I was getting screwed before I even bought it. I had no other choice, now the car has been in the shop for 1 month and they are still trying to do all of these minor fixes that are costing me more money. I know its my fault for not having good credit, but they should not take advantage so much, like jack the price up on the car $4, 000 more than book value and trying to kill you with small repairs before they get to the real problem.

Maybe were preaching to the choir but, it feels good to tell other people how bad this company is.

P.S. The day I bought the car I took all stickers and license plate frames off of my car. I hate JB Byryder!!!

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  •   May 16, 2008

    I worked at all three corporate stores. When I first started working there I was told to fix the vehicles as if my wife were going to drive them. I thought how could a place that thinks like this have such a bad rep. Well as the years passed and I went from the store I started at to the main store the value of the company switched from customer satisfaction to the bottom line. As usual you start out with a good idea and it gets turned around by corporate greed. I went from fixing the autos to fixing what had to be fixed to sell it. The little power struggles in the company just made these issue worse. One of the companies supposed policies is promote within, unless you a technician, no matter how hard you work to go up the ladder you'll always be their peon. I recall times when I've repair vehicles with duct tape, and window caulk. Yes customer cars and this was what I was told to do. When and if you go to buy a car expect 18 to 20+ percent interest and you probably won't know what the total price of this vehicle is till your poised over the final paper with pen in hand. They do NOT replace major components with ANY rebuilt parts they are salvage yard parts. Engines differentials are all replace with JUNKYARD PARTS!!!I know I did it at the main store for over three years. Not a franchise store but the MAIN CORPERATE STORE! Another supposed value is truth and honesty in everything that you say and do. Except when it isn't convenient for the bottom line. And when you think they should just trade you out of the lemon you've got and they give you the supreme run around. Remember the company president backed his Hummer into a guy’s truck out at his house and just gave him another truck from the main store inventory. Once you sign the papers, they have you! You have no recourse, believe me they've been doing this for years and they have some very smart lawyers and financial advisors on their payroll or in their pocket.

    I highly suggest you look for that GOOD CAR anywhere but at J D Byrider!!!

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  • Ba
      Oct 01, 2008

    You need to remember that when you purchase from JD Byrider that you are getting way more than a vehicle. They are giving you the opportunity to rebuild your credit when nobody else would, and that is worth more than any amount you could pay.

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  • Sa
      Oct 07, 2008

    And them helping you out with credit still does not and should not qualify them to rip you off! Thats just unfair business! My fiance had okay but not great credit and they told him that they would work with him and in doing that they told him he only needed $800 down on a '97 Grand Prix. Well the kelly blue book value for his car was- for a car in excellent condition- around $6-7, 000 and he ended up paying $13, 00!!! And the customer service is crap! The original woman who sold him the car quit about 5 months after and then a new woman came in and she is the most obnoxious, uncaring woman I have ever met! Shes horrible! No one ever had a good answer for us when we had a question, they all are incompetent! The maintenance people are inept as well- my fiance was in an accident in the first two moths with the car- luckily it was still under warranty and they installed a junkyard engine- which was all well and good- but then they put dex-cool in the car even though there was a recall because it can ruin the head gasket! Not to mention since they "worked" on the car the wiring system has not been the same! Even after the accident everything electronically was working great but as soon as it left their shop it was all crap! Oh and they sold it to him with fog lights that didnt work and when we went to get it inspected the first year we had it we were told that a car cannot pass inspection with fog lights that dont work- so we had to pay to have them taken out!!! And it seems like the second the warranty was up every other month there was something else needing to be fixed...JD Byrider=huge ripoff!!

    Sorry this is so long! I hate that this company has put people through- they prey on people who dont have great credit and they feel like they can treat them however they want to, and its disgusting! Im sorry you had to deal with them too! My fiance ripped the jd byrider vanity plate off his car too :)

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  • Vy
      Oct 30, 2008

    Right on. I'm going to appeal their garnishing my part time wages.

    Luckily for me I kept track of every day they called me on my answering machine. My employer also said they would vouch for me when I go to court that the Canton OHIO office refused to work with us on the due date of my payments.

    Then after I turned the car in and signed the release paper's one of their salesmen had nerve to call me wanting to know if I needed a car loan. I kept track of those calls as well.

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  • Sc
      Nov 18, 2008

    Dont work for the company either, they treat the employees like crap!! They will not have a problem working you 15 to 17 hrs a day!! The upper management is a bunch of spineless hypocrites!!

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  • Sc
      Nov 18, 2008

    I know first hand they do as little as possible to get the cars on the lot to sell... Allot of times they do not do the standard checks and balances they should be doing. They are cheap and a ripoff!!!

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  • 45
      Feb 16, 2009

    two front tires fell off a car while i was test driving one of there cars i never went back

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  • Ed
      Mar 09, 2010

    Hello, I am Eddie Pratt Of Madison, Indiana. I wanted to know if anyone of the people that are making a complaint on here have ever looked at the paperwork or the facts. I work for J D Byrider. I have been with the company for just over 2 years and my customers are now paying off their vehicles through the finance company CNAC. I wonder if these folks would be willing to review the Video They Watched When They Bought Their Vehicle.

    Here is A Link.

    I hope Your Circumstances Change In The Near Future.

    Thanks For Your Time, God Bless You,

    Eddie Pratt
    585 E Clifty Dr
    Madison IN 47250

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  • We
      Apr 17, 2010

    sounds like someone has there haterade full just because you felt miss treated dosnt make this a bad place i think its time to the chip off your shoulder

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  • Ir
      May 05, 2010

    Went there to test drive a car on their lot in St. Clairsville, OHIO and it wouldn't even start.
    A friend of mine bought a car from them...drove it 15 miles to his house, shut it off, and it wouldn't restart. The same car had a moon roof. The first day it rained...well...can you GUESS what happened?

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