JD Byrider / don't buy from them!

United States

I purchased a car from JD by Ryder in 04 I pulled the car off the lot with the Check Engine light on and a promise it would be fixed. Well a month or so passes and still no repairs unable to receive hard plates. Car stopped running and I refused to pay for this lemon. JD then repo car. In 07 I contact CNAC who then tells me they were unable to resale the [protected]@ it was totalled. But asks me to pay the full balance for the same car they were unable to resale. Its running my life stuck on my credit report and I don't understand how they expect me to pay for a lemon I don't even know how they drove the car to the lot to sell it to me it was a lemon. Now may she rest in peace because she did get me to work a whole three weeks...


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