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Deptford, NJ, United States
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I ordered and paid for in the deptford mall nj jcpenny store for a serta mattress and boxspring. I was told it would be 2weeks until it was delivered. on day 14 xpo delivery company out of ambler pa arrived at my door and first words were "we have a problem." the xpo delivery men said the mattress was "defective" and they cannot deliver it. they delivered the box spring which was not the boxspring that I had ordered. I asked if they could leave me the mattress that was defective until a new mattress was delivered but they said no they cannot do that. I called the next day to find out when the new mattress would be delivered and was told by customer service that I would have to wait another two weeks. I was told I would get a $25 gift card… I asked if there could be a rush placed on delivery and they said no. they also said I refused the mattress which is a blatant lie. I spent three hours on the phone that day trying to find out when I could get the mattress and jcpenney department store customer service and xpo all blamed one another for the issue. on day 10 today I called xpo and asked when I could expect my mattress delivered as I had not heard from them and they said the mattress came in four days ago but their automated telephone system wasn't working but they had me scheduled for delivery for today. I had to take another day off of work and explained that the only time that I could not receive the mattress was between the hours of 330 and 430. by 2 pm today my mattress was not delivered still and I called xpo and they said they can't deliver it until later that day regardless of my earlier request not to deliver it during 330 and 4:30 pm. the delivery man from xpo arrived at my house at 4 pm and I was not home as I stated I would not be. I called xpo and asked when my mattress could be delivered and they said I would be put back to the end of the process another 10 days I called for the next four hours and spoke to numerous "" managers at jcpenney customer service various delivery numbers each representative gave me - each person stating they would call me back and never did. I don't have a mattress or the right box spring that I paid for and I can't get one person to be honest and tell me when it would be delivered. at this point I want it delivered asap and have been told that's not possible. I have asked for corporate's phone number and was told I cannot have it. what options remain? small claims court? hiring an attorney? this is fraud in my opinion and I have been verbally abused on the phone, I have cried, I have no bed to sleep on for the last 20 days. this is entirely unacceptable!

Jun 15, 2017

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