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My name is Jessica Monts. I frequently patronize your salon services throughout SW Georgia and think the products used and customer service are awesome! The price of services are on the higher end but I don't mind as much. However today, I went to the Salon in Centerville, GA for a scheduled 1pm appointment. The end result was so disappointing. I paid $105 for a a reddish-brown color! I asked for and showed an example of a honey blonde hair color. The stylist either did not know how to apply the color or did not practice the color pallet before applying the color. Once finishing, she stated she did not want to do such a extreme color because I have relaxed hair.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Centerville, GA I have gotten upset every time I've passed a mirror today because I felt I was cheated out of my money. I feel strongly the stylist should have enlightened me that she was inexperienced or did not think it was a good idea before applying a permanent color. To top off the dissatisfaction, she asked if I wanted to leave a tip while I was checking out (which I did anyway).

Consequently, now I have to find another salon to patronize in the future and fix my hair color. It's even more frustrating because I am in the military and the color she applied is out of regulation.

Please re-train your staff on applying color and encourage them to express their concerns before starting a service.


A unsatisfied customer.


Jan 27, 2017

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