JCPenney / customer service

PO Box 960090, Orland florida, United States

I purchased a curio cabinet from J C Penney in the beginning of November, 2015. I was called by the delivery company to say the cabinet was broken and a refund would be ordered. I have not received the cabinet nor the refund. I have called the company many times and the last three people I spoke to...Deborah, Rick and Ivan...And I am still waiting for my refund check. There is always an excuse. The last one was they gave me a credit on my card. "I want a check" and will not purchase from them again. It is now mid January 16, 2016. I have received nothing but lies from all the customer care people. Again, after the 4th call, I am told I will receive a check in the mail. The incompetence of the staff is unbelievable.

Jan 16, 2016

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