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My wife and I ordered a Samsung washer and dryer set on January 25 at a cost of over $1200. The items were scheduled to be delivered February 1st. We were given a 4 hr window, 12-4, for delivery. So my wife took the day off from school to be home for the delivery. She waited all day pretty much at the window waiting for the truck as we have never owned a washer and dryer before. She was super excited to have this. To try and make this short the delivery never came. I called JC Penny who called the delivery company, GE, who at first said that they tried to call and did not get an answer so they could not make the delivery. Apparently JC Penny did not have our correct phone number and passed on the wrong number to GE. That being said, It was never mentioned by JC Penny that we will be getting a call and to make sure we answer the call or we will not get our delivery. We were expecting a truck to show up and were home to meet said truck. Had we known to expect a call we would have followed up to make sure they had the correct number to call. After much debate and denial by JC Penny and GE we find out that the policy is that the driver calls and if there is no answer then they are supposed to knock on the door and wait 20 minutes before leaving but all information including a description of the house is logged into their computer and time stamped to show they attempted to make the delivery. Basically the driver never came by the house. Our surveillance cameras show it. The driver entered information into the computer at 700 pm that night, hours after we started calling, and after we were told he could not come back out that night.
So still on Feb 1st the conclusion we reached was they could deliver on Saturday Feb 4th. We accepted this date, however wanted a specific time of delivery. They screwed up the first delivery, my wife had taken that day off from school, we had plans for Saturday, we were not going to wait around for another 4 hrs. I've worked for electronically routed companies before. It is possible to go off route to make special circumstance service calls no matter what the company tells you. It just is not time efficient for them to do so but it can be done and is done. Things were left Feb 1st with us expecting a phone call on Feb 2nd with a time of delivery on Saturday. On Feb 2 I called GE direct and was told not only will they not give us any better than a 4 hr window but now they cannot deliver until Tuesday because we did not accept the Saturday delivery, which we did, and was confirmed by the woman on the other end of the phone the night of Feb 1st. That was enough for us. I told the supervisor for GE during that same call to cancel the order. My wife 5 minutes later called JC Penny and cancelled the order through them.
We were then told we will be refunded when Samsung receives their machines back, which of course were being delivered by GE. Friday Feb 3rd we called JC Penny again to make sure the cancellation went through, at which point we were told GE was still planning on delivering the machines to us now on Thursday of the next week. We again clearly stated that we cancelled the order the day before, we do not want the delivery. Monday Feb 5th we called JC Penny again to verify the cancellation and see if the machines had been shipped back yet. The cancellation was verified but said it may take a couple days for GE to ship the machines back to Samsung. JC Penny told us they would call us on Wednesday to follow up. We did not receive any call on Wednesday. It was a very busy week for us. We kind of had faith that after this much they have to know its cancelled and they had a week to send it back and it should be arriving at Samsung if not already there. Well yesterday, Feb 12th, I call JC Penny who put me on hold for 20 minutes while they called GE. Once they came back said that it had not been shipped yet, give it another 24 hrs.
Which finally brings us to today, Feb 13th. My wife called JC Penny to see if they shipped the items back today and what do you know, GE still had the washer and dryer in their system to be delivered to us. When they planned to do so I have no idea. My wife who was understandable very angry at this point but not rude was met by an extremely rude customer service person from JC Penny who refused to transfer my wife to a supervisor. After 15 minutes on the phone with this woman she finally went and spoke to the supervisor, came back and told my wife that the refund would be bypassed, meaning it would not have to go back to Samsung before the refund would be issued. So currently the refund has been released but its still going to take 7 days for us to get it. I don't understand how an electronic transfer of money takes 7 days, but at least its on the way. Hopefully. Maybe.
Some of JC Penny's customer service reps and supervisors were friendly and helpful, some were extremely rude and terrible. GE is an absolutely terrible company and should not be in existence! I will never buy anything from JC Penny again knowing that they use this company for delivery. And we just bought a new house, hence buying the washer and dryer. There are many other things we need for the house that JC Penny will not be getting out business for.

Feb 13, 2018
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      Feb 13, 2018

    Thanks for posting Laura. Interesting read. Enjoy the new home.

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