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I started my job at JC Penney exactly one week before Thanksgiving. Let me start out with this. They were VERY last minute in hiring me. I had put in my application in September. When I was interviewed, it was a group interview, and there was no second interview. I was hired the same day. I was given no formal training. Everything I learned I pretty much learned on my own, though my coworkers did help me out. When they decided to put me on computer courses, I learned nothing new. Third day in on the job, I happened to offend the scheduling manager over something VERY trivial (and I mean VERY trivial. Like, when I told people about it, they raised an eyebrow and shook their head). I do not lie about these things, lying profits no one, and there was someone else right beside me when the situation happened and even they felt bad for me. After that, she was always very short with me. I even apologized to her the next time I saw her. She told me she wasn't upset, but something tells me otherwise. I worked a total of 8 days there before they stopped scheduling me. This was my first job. I had no idea what to expect at all. My coworkers were fairly understanding, I was even becoming friends with one of them, and even my other managers didn't even seem to mind me.
While I can't say I was a great employee, I was clumsy at the cash register (once again, only worked there a total of 8 days, my last day was December 6th). In spite of that, I can say I tried my hardest to work beyond my circumstances. I tried my hardest. Whatever I did never seemed to be enough. The atmosphere in the store became suffocatingly materialistic, empty, and extremely unfulfillable to me. I started coming home extremely depressed, and I already struggle with depression without this. When the scheduling manager didn't schedule me in for the next two weeks, I decided to let it go. I knew that that person had decided to fire me without actually firing me. They didn't have the decency or the professionalism to actually let me go and tell me whether it was personal or work-related. I found out today that I was the only person they stopped scheduling in after Black Friday. They didn't do it with any other temps. In fact they're going to hire on one of the temps. One thing is for sure, I will never shop at a JC Penney, ever again, nor will I work for one again. Hopefully, it can still count as experience and I can find a job that will treat me better.

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  • R
      3rd of Jun, 2008
    JC Penney - Rules not the same for everyone
    United States

    I recently tried to pay the balance of my JC Penney card at the local JC Penney store. In the past, I have waited on line and watched as customers were allowed to pay their balances with debit and credit cards. However, this clerk told me that I would not be allowed to pay with my debit card as it was against the store's policy. This is obviously a lie as I have seen other customers pay their bill this way numerous times before.

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  • Ba
      13th of May, 2009

    you are incorrect...

    jcp store policy prevents you from paying your credit card bill with a debit or credit card.

    SOME stores, at managers discretion will allow the cardholders to use their credit or debit card to purchase a GIFT CARD, (which IS an acceptable form of payment) and then utilize the gift card to pay their bill...

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  • Da
      20th of Jul, 2010
    JC Penney - sagging mattress
    United States

    I bought a Serta mattress from jc penney's that has been verified to be sagging 1-5/8 inches in the middle but they won't replace it because it has a stain from where I had cut my leg. Does Penney's re-cycle old mattresses? Whey else would a stain matter when it comes to support?

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  • Jk
      24th of Dec, 2014

    Clumsy at the cash register? Can't scan a price barcode? Do you realize that people (often with an 8th grade education) used to have to push buttons on a cash register, and get it right? And heaven forbid...make change! I'd be depressed too. And offending the scheduler, like 3 days into a job? Yikes! One wonders what the so-called "trivial" issue was there. I shudder to think.

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  • Ru
      25th of Dec, 2014

    I like how these employees mess up and think it is the company's fault. You even admit that you were sloppy on cash. You had no training ect. I am sure other people were in the same situation as you, only they do not whine and bad mouth their boss. Before you go get a another job you have a lot of growing up to do.

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