JC Penney Company / woodfield location

United States

I had placed an order on line and was tracking it to see when it was going to arrive, I called the 800 # and followed the prompts it said it had arrived. Did not receive a email as of yet and I am sure that is because it just came in, which is all good. However when I called again on the 800 # to confirm I could go in and pick it up, I think the gal works from home and if she is to be representing JC Penney's then I'm sorry to say she was a bad representative as her phone skills as well as her connection was just deplorable. I then called the store (woodfield) directly and was bounced around for 18 minutes until I couldn't handle it anymore and hung up and called and waited another 8 mins before I got a live person again, in which time I requested to speak to a Manager (Sue) with a very bad attitude acting as if I was bothering her to find out my information.

When all was said and done I found out my information. Sorry if this was a little long winded but I was a little upset

Thanks in advance for all your help

Kristy Flood-order # [protected]

Sep 26, 2017

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